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Which political party was Martin Van Buren was in?

Martin Van Buren was elected as a member of the  Democratic party of Andrew Jackson. His opposition  was the Whig party. ( After he was defeated for re-election in  1840, h (MORE)

Did Martin van Buren own slaves?

yes, in a way. Martin Van Buren didn't believe in using slaves. He thought slaves were abused ,and he wanted to help. Slavery. New York was still a slave state when Van Bu (MORE)

Where was Martin van Buren Educated?

Kinderhook Academy was where he went to school. He  quit at age 14 to work in a law office, which eventually led to his  passing the bar exam and becoming a lawyer.
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What did Martin van Buren do after he was president?

In 1844, he was a contender for the Democratic nomination that  eventualy went to Polk. He ran for President in 1848 on the Free  Soil ticket and won enough votes in New Yor (MORE)

What was Martin van Buren best remembered for?

Bein such a good 8th President of the United States of America!!! years in office: (1837-1841) Years alive: (1782-1862)!! :)  Martin Van Buren will be most remembered for the (MORE)

What did Martin van Buren do as a child?

it was good he had plenty of siblings and he was a good student in class he married Hannah hoes who was his cousin and had 5 sons but one died hours after he was born he was t (MORE)

Who influenced Martin van Buren?

President Martin Van Buren was greatly influenced by his  predecessor, Andrew Jackson. He was the architect of the first  national political party, the Jacksonian Democrats. (MORE)

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