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What are you measuring when you measure air pressure?

You are measuring the weight of the atmosphere in a vertical column above your head from the Earth's surface to the atmosphere's outer reaches. Air may seem like it weighs not (MORE)

Weight measured in?

SI units, it's Newtons (mass in kilograms x 9.81) In Imperial, it's pounds. Weight is a force, and may be described in any convenient unit of force. Popular units includ (MORE)

How do you measure IGBT?

Digital multi-meter (DMM) test procedure:Equipment Requirement - DMM with diode check mode and battery voltage less than 20V. (Typical units using 9V battery are OK).Collector (MORE)

What is the measurement of a measurement box of cement?

The measurement box of cement is used for measuring quantity of aggregates for mixing with cement, when the mortar/concrete is specified in volume.   As the volumetric c (MORE)
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Units of measurement?

there are different types of measurement which include  centimeter,inches,meters,S1 untis,feet,yards,miles and knots   ----------------------------------------   The (MORE)

History of measurement?

"digit," "palm," "span" and "cubic" units of length slowly lost preference to the length units "inch," "foot," and "yard." Our words "inch" and "ounce" are both derived from (MORE)

How do you measure for a fence?

There is a thing I have know idea what its called but is has like a  big wheel with a odometer that measures in feet and it has a handle  so you can push it along the ground (MORE)
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What is measure?

Ascertain the size, amount, or degree of something by using an  instrument or device marked in standard units or by comparing it  with an object of know size.