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Why do you measure?

Seriously? If you don't know this answer, then, you're sad. I have no idea why I'm even answering this question for you... ... Still looking for the answer? Too bad, lo (MORE)

What is measuring or measurements?

Measuring or measurement refers to keeping track or recording of the values of variables at certain points in time. A simple example would be: When you are cooking meat, (MORE)

What do you measure?

we measure all kinds of thing in every class we do alot of things to get the right answer to do the things that we need to do that is all we need to do . We use measurements f (MORE)

A is measurable if and only if -A is measurable in measure theory?

I believe minus A in this case means the complement of A; everything that is NOT in the set A. Taken from some larger, given, set, of course, of which both A and minus A are s (MORE)
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What is a measure?

the extent, quantity, amount, or degree of something, as determinedby measurement or calculationAnswer this question…