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What does metastasize mean?

Metastasize means to spread. Metastasis means the process of metastasizing. Usually this term is used for the spread of cancer form its original [primary] site.
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What do cancer cells that metastasize lack?

Cancer cells lack the appropriate response to stop growing...something known as cell recognition.Most cells stop growth when they come in contact with one another, but cancer ( Full Answer )
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Does a benign tumor metastasize?

No. By definition, a benign tumor is incapable of spreading to other locations by metastasis. It may, however, spread to adjacent areas by directly spreading there. . No. Onl ( Full Answer )
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What does metastasizes mean?

It means that the disease process has spread to other organs of the body. i.e. cancer of the brain that spreads to the bladder.
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How long to live cancer metastases?

it really depends on the degree of spread of these metastases, their number , but individual variations cant be ignored.
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What happens when cancer metastasizes to lung?

What happens next depends on the type of cancer. Some cancers grow rapidly in the lungs, make breathing difficult and cause death within a short period of time. Other, more sl ( Full Answer )
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Do malignant tumors metastasize?

Yes they do. That's why they are called malignant. If they did not metastasize, they would be benign.
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What are colon cancer metastases?

As the malignant cells work their way to other areas of the body, they again become locally invasive in the new area to which they have spread. These tumor deposits, originati ( Full Answer )
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What happens when tumours metastasize?

When a tumor metastasizes it is that act of the original tumor say in a lung attached its self to another part of the body say the lymph nodes. This is common with some cancer ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of metastasized?

it means that cancer cells have spread from their original locationto other parts of the body.