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Is there generic methotrexate?

  Yes, methotrexate Drug information Generic Name methotrexate Drug information Generic Name: methotrexate (meth oh TREX ate) Brand Names: Rheumatrex Dose Pack, Trexall
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How does methotrexate work?

Methotrexate was originally used in cancer chemotherapy treatments It interferes with the operation of the immune system. It was noted that the use of this drug reduced inflam (MORE)

Can methotrexate get you high?

Anything can get you high if you take enough of it.high just means your brain is not working right because you are poisoning yourself so you feel what i as an addict consider (MORE)

Where can you get methotrexate?

Methotrexate is a form of chemotherapy. It is usually prescribed by  oncologist and rheumatologist.
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Why methotrexate is given?

Originally methotrexate was given in massive doses in chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. However it was found a result those relatively small doses of methotrexate can c (MORE)

Methotrexate with prenancy?

Methortexate is not safe with pregnancy, and can potentially cause  a miscarriage. If you plan on getting pregnant, you need to have a  conversation with your doctor.
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Can you have a piercing on methotrexate?

Yes, you just need to be extra cautious. You are more susceptible  to infection when on methotrexate.
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