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Did Miles Davis face racism?

Yes, absolutely. Racism was everywhere when Miles was growing up. Some people think that because Miles grew up relatively well-off, he didn't face racism, but the black middle (MORE)

What was the cause of Miles Davis death?

    He died of bronchial pneumonia and a stroke , he presented at the hospital with breathing problems. Unfortunately , when the doctors wanted to give him oxygen thro (MORE)

What obstacles did Miles Davis have?

If you mean obstacles to making a career in music, then less than most black American musicians because he came from a fairly well to do middle class family. But like many oth (MORE)

What mouthpiece did Miles Davis use?

Miles played a Heim mouthpiece, first given to him by Clark Terry. Since then he eschewed other mouthpieces and when possible always used the Heim brand, which later was absor (MORE)

How did Miles Davis die?

  From Wikipedia: Miles Davis, only 65, died on September 28, 1991 from a stroke, pneumonia & respiratory failure in Santa Monica, CA. You'll find a few more details about (MORE)

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