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Miles Davis was one of the most influential jazz musicians that has ever picked up an instrument. Not only did he discover many other talented musicians, many of which subsequently made their own permanent mark in jazz music, he also developed many original styles of jazz that are continuing to be explored to this day. Please post all of your questions about this revolutionary musician into this category.

Miles Davis

Did Miles Davis die of AIDS?

Miles Davis died of a stroke, which was a result of the AIDS infection. He was addicted to alcohol and heroin off and on throughout his life, so not terribly surprising, but very sad.

From Hapkidoman: Although it was never proved that Miles Davis died of AIDS, there were indications that he had. He was very sensitive to the subject and would get irate at the mention of it. In his autobiography (Miles: The Autobiography) he says "That made me madder than a [MF'er] wasn't true of course." In an article written in 1989, Davis indicated that his ex-wife, Cicely Tyson may have spread that rumor (of him contracting AIDS).

If Davis did have AIDS, it most likely came from the years of heroin abuse or the blood transfusions that he endured rather than homosexual encounters.

Miles Davis

What is the structure of all blues by Miles Davis?

i think its rondo but I'm not sure

Miles Davis

What was the cause of Miles Davis death?

He died of bronchial pneumonia and a stroke , he presented at the hospital with breathing problems. Unfortunately , when the doctors wanted to give him oxygen through a tube down his throat he became angry and as a result ,suffered a massive stroke .

Miles Davis

What instrument did Miles Davis play?


Miles Davis was a jazz trumpet player.

miles Davis was actually just a trumpet player

Miles Davis
Jazz Music

What are the essential Miles Davis albums? Why?

With 51 studio albums under his belt, Miles Davis was one of the most prolific jazz musicians of the 20th century. As a major fan, here’s the albums that I would personally recommend to highlight his incredible discography, presented in their original release order:

  • β€˜Round About Midnight (1957)
  • Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet (1957)
  • Miles Ahead (1957)
  • Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet (1958)
  • Milestones (1958)
  • Kind of Blue (1959)
  • Workin' with the Miles Davis Quintet (1960)
  • Sketches of Spain (1960)
  • Steamin' with the Miles Davis Quintet (1961)
  • E.S.P. (1965)
  • Miles Smiles (1967)
  • Nefertiti (1968)
  • Miles in the Sky (1968)
  • Bitches Brew (1970)

The reason that I selected the above recordings is because they demonstrate how Miles moved between many different styles of jazz throughout his career, truly being a creative chameleon, so to speak. However, his signature trumpet tone always let the listener know he was there, no matter what new style he developed.

If you’re new to jazz, I’d recommend starting with 1959’s Kind of Blue, which was one of the first "modal" jazz albums, featuring simple, elongated chord progressions that showcase individual improvisation. It’s considered by many to be not only the best jazz starter album, but also one of the greatest albums of all time.

Miles Davis

What was miles Davis kids name?

Had 4 children: Cheryl Davis (born 1944), Gregory Davis, (born 1946), Miles Davis IV (born 1950) and Erin Davis (born 1970).

Miles Davis

What actually killed Miles Davis?

he died form complications of diabetes and other health related issues, and had a stroke, drugs killed him more...but after all he was a good man at least that's what everybody is saying

Miles Davis

Did Miles Davis died of AIDS?

NO. you idiot he didn't "died" of aids he died of pneumonia

Miles Davis, did NOT have aids!. He died of pneumonia, respiratory failure and a stroke. Mr. Davis was married three times, to the dancer Frances Taylor, singer Betty Mabry and the actress Cicely Tyson. All ended in divorce. Survivors include a daughter, Cheryl; three sons, Gregory, Miles IV and Erin, and several grandchildren.

Miles Davis

Why did Miles Davis invent Cool Jazz?

The style was around long before Miles Davis got into it. It originated during WWII, and was a general movement, with no known inventor. Miles Davis is thought to have invented it, because he seemed to understand the concept the best.

Cool Jazz was a response to Bebop, which was becoming more and more about faster tempos and fast scales. Cool jazz slowed everything down, and was meant to focus more on composition of the song, with more intricate arrangements and chordal forms.

Miles Davis

How tall was Miles Davis?

miles Davis was 5'9 when he died

Miles Davis

What tonality is all blues by Miles Davis?

The tonality is G Mixolydian mode (all the white notes from G to G (so basically G maj with a flattened 7th (so an F instead))

Miles Davis

What was Miles Davis favourite Food?


Miles Davis

When did Miles Davis start playing Jazz?

Age 13.

Miles Davis

Who replaced Miles Davis in charlie parkers band?

Kenny Durham

Miles Davis

What mute did Miles Davis make famous?

Star Mute by Emo Harmon. That was a harmon (aka wah wah) type and "Harmon" brand mute. Now Emo makes this under the name:


of course Miles played without the stem.

Earlier in his career he had used another mute, which was not a harmon but a straight one. That was an "H&B". That's all I know.


Miles Davis

Did Miles Davis graduate from Juilliard?

He "dropped out" according to the Wikipedia article. Here's the quote: "In 1944, Davis moved to New York City, ostensibly to take up a scholarship at the Juilliard School of Music, but he neglected his studies and sought out Charlie Parker instead." The link follows.

Miles Davis

How did Miles Davis die?

From Wikipedia: Miles Davis, only 65, died on September 28, 1991 from a stroke, pneumonia & respiratory failure in Santa Monica, CA. You'll find a few more details about his death in the link below.

Miles Davis

What are the names of the pianists that played with Miles Davis?

To name just a few of the most important: Red Garland (album: Workin', Steamin', Cookin', Relaxin'; all four recorded 1956), followed by Bill Evans (Kind Of Blue, 1959), later on Herbie Hancock (Four & More, My Funny Valentine; 1964). When he got into fusion Miles started playing with up to three different keyboarders on stage at the same time, namely Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea and Joe Zawinul.

Miles Davis

Who were Miles Davis's wives?

Miles Davis

How many kids did Miles Davis have?

He had four kids. One girl and three boys.

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Miles Davis

WHow many miles from Oakland CA to Davis CA?

thank you.

Miles Davis

What is Miles Davis known for musically?

Miles Davis is known as one of the greatest jazz trumpet players of all time.

Miles Davis

What was Miles Davis' favorite food?

no one really knows i think.

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Miles Davis

How old is Jeremy Davis from Paramore?

Jeremy Davis is 32 years old (born February 8, 1985).


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