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What is ring test?

it is also know as brown ring test. it is a nitrate test to  determine the presence of nitrate ion in the solution Testing for  the presence of nitrate via wet chemistry is (MORE)

When was milk first tested for TB?

On a voluntary basis, tuberculin testing of milk was introduced in October 1937 and taken up by about 10 per cent of the dairy industry. Some big producers made publicity out (MORE)

What is phosphatase test in milk?

The phosphatase test in milk measures the amount of phosphatase enzyme in the milk. The phosphatase enzyme should be inactivated by pasteurisation. If the phosphatase test is (MORE)

How does Xanthoproteic test differ from heller ring test?

  Xanthoproteic test: a reaction due to the prescence of phenyl group (-C6H5) in the protein molecules. it involves the hnitration of the phenyl rings presnt in the aromat (MORE)
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What is a metallic ring test?

A very simple test for delamination in a bonded structural component. The material is tapped with a coin, and the sound is noted. If the sound is a clear metallic ringing, the (MORE)

How Do you Test For the effect of Calcium Ions on the coagulation of milk?

THIS WAS MY METHOD FOR MY AS BIOLOGY PRACTICAL PLAN -Add sodium citrate (1 parts to 10 parts milk) to the milk to remove calcium ions already in the milk -Add calcium chloride (MORE)
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What are the Gerber test milk analysis procedures?

The Gerber Method is a chemical test to determine the fat content  of substances, mainly milk and cream. Milk fat is separated from  proteins with the help of sulfuric acid. (MORE)

Will milk thistle help you pass a drug test?

Yes it can, My nephew got sent home from school because they tested  him positive for THC and Amphetamines. I gave him 2 milk Thistle  capsules and a quart of water to drink (MORE)

How did galadiel pass the test in Lord of the Rings?

In 'The Fellowship of the Rings' Chapter 7 The Mirror of Galadriel, Prodo has a 'private session' with Galadriel. After showing him the magic she does (using the watersurface (MORE)

When do you start testing a mares milk for a foal?

Usually you can test if she has started to 'wax up'. Testing waxing mares when the wax is still gold and relatively clear is pretty much a waste of your testing materials. My (MORE)