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Why did they call Mother Teresa Mother?

Mother is the title given to the leader of a religious order - Mother Superior.  Also, Mother Teresa was originally a Sister of Loreto, they are given the title Mother (as op (MORE)

What were the contributions of Mother Teresa in education?

A:   Mother Teresa began her career as a young nun teaching at the  Catholic school of St Marys. She soon felt she could do more to  spread the Catholic faith by opening (MORE)

Why is Mother Teresa called Mother?

Mother is the name given to the leader of a religious order of nuns, but even before she founded the Missionaries of Charity, she was a teaching sister of Loretto. The nuns of (MORE)

What is Mother Teresa about?

Mother Teresa was all about helping people. She always put other people before herself. Mother Teresa had a very strong faith and wanted to spread it.
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Why do you remember Mother Teresa?

we remember her by the way she helped the poorest of the poor people of calcutta we remember her as the face of God reaching out to humanity in COMPASSIONATE LOVE
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Who was Mother Teresa and what did she do?

mother Teresa was an Indian nun that went around collecting the poor,sick,orphaned and dying. she built hospitals where ever she could and sent most of her life helping people (MORE)

When did Sister Teresa become Mother Teresa?

  She became Mother Teresa in 1950 when she created the Missionaries of Charity.
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Why was Mother Teresa a good person?

She was a wonderful person because she went round the world helping all those in need and she was completely selfless. Nobody can match the miracles she has performed in her l (MORE)
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