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Is a regulator a motor or a part of a motor?

A regulator is a part needed for the motor. It regulates electrical power from one place to another. Answer 2 A regulator is usually the part that regulates the electrical o (MORE)
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What is motor fitness?

  •   Motor Fitness refers to the ability of an athlete to perform successfully at their sport. The components of motor fitness are:   * Agility  * Balance  * Co (MORE)
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What is Motor Coordination?

Engine coordination is the mix of body developments made with the kinematic and dynamic parameters that outcome in proposed activities.
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Can a motor be a generator?

Absolutely. In fact, they are quite the same thing. It all depends on whether or not the device is supplying power to a system (a generator) or power is being applied to the d (MORE)
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What is a Hemi Motor?

it just means that the head on the motor is hemispherical. That means it has a curve to it.
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What does a brush do in a motor?

By utilizing kinetic energy, the brushes are able to conduct current between wires that are fixed and wires that are moving.