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What is the population of Mozambique?

The population at the end of 2008 was 21,780,614. It has been increasing steadily in the last decade and is expected to experience continued growth. In 2010 it was 21,669,278. ( Full Answer )
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Why does Mozambique flood?

the reason why Mozambique gets floods is cause of their heavy rain falls and for 1 of them floods is cause the other country opened the dam gates when the river was already fu ( Full Answer )
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What is mozambique?

Mozambique is a country in Africa. It is located in the South Eastof Africa. It is bordered by Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe,Swaziland, and South Africa, also the Indian ( Full Answer )
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When was Mozambique colonized?

It was conquered in the 15th and 16th century but was not effectively colonized until the 19th century.
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Why is Mozambique a place?

Because it has borders and a government. You should probably reformulate your questions because im not sure i answered what you wanted to know.
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Why was Mozambique colonized?

Mozambique was colonized as a precious port in which the portuguese could stop on their way and back from India where they seeked to trade spices and silk for instance.
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Where is the Mozambique located?

Mozambique is situated on the east coast of Africa. Located near the souther tip of Africa, with South Africa as one of its neighbours
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Who is the ruler of Mozambique?

Mozambique has had three rulers since the independence. the first: was Samora Moises Machel the second was: Joaquim Alberto Chissano the one rulling now is Armando Emilio Gue ( Full Answer )
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What disease does Mozambique have?

Every year 5,800,000 cases of malaria are reported and 3,366 deaths caused by malaria in Mozambique.
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Is Mozambique landlocked?

No. Mozambique is a coastal country in the south east of Africa andis a big attraction to tourists due to its luscious rivers andbeaches