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How old do kittens have to be to leave their mum?

About ten to twelve weeks old. Ten weeks at the very earliest. Sadly, too many kittens are taken away from their mothers too early, usually around six to eight weeks old (so (MORE)

What is MUM effect?

The reluctance of an individual to relay any type of negative or face damaging communication to another individual for fear of face damaging consequences to that individual th (MORE)

What was Marys mum called?

  Mary's Mum Was Called Catherine Of Aragon!         At Least ii Think You Are Talking About That Mary!       =]x    ----    Good Luc (MORE)

What does the tattoos represent in the illustrated mum?

the star is her daughter star, the dolphins her daughter dolphin the diamonds are to hide the scars from when she tried to slit her wrists, the star with mickey in is stars da (MORE)

Who was celebrity mum of the year 2010?

The women in the running for Bounty Celebrity Mum of the Year 2010 are 1. Victoria Beckham 2. Tina O'Brien 3. Samantha Cameron 4. Natalie Cassidy 5. Charlotte Church (MORE)