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What films has Orlando Bloom been in?

A list of the movies (not television shows) Orlando Bloom has been in: Wilde Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Black Hawk Down Lord of the Rings: The Two T (MORE)

What school did Orlando Bloom go to?

according to and the primary school he went to was st.edmunds school in Canterbury,kent England. despite his dyslexia he finished his schooling and when (MORE)

Is Orlando Bloom a Christian?

No! Well, he was not born one and he is not very religious about any religion. He believes in rocks and nature to bring peace and things like that. His mom, biological dad, an (MORE)

Why is Orlando Bloom a Buddhist?

Orlando Bloom became a Buddhist because he thinks it brings inner peace to his chaotic life and its calmig influence is what brought him to be a Buddhist. Orlando's friend had (MORE)

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