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Which US president won an Emmy and a Grammy Award?

Eisenhower won an Emmy an 1956. Carter, Clinton and Obama won Grammys for talking books.
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When did Dr. Seuss win an Emmy Award?

Dr. Seuss (a.k.a. Ted Geisel) won Emmy Awards for two ABC animated specials. "Halloween Is Grinch Night" was awarded the Emmy for Outstanding Children's Special for the 1976-1 (MORE)

Did 'Friends' ever win an Emmy Award?

"Friends" was nominated for 63 Emmy Awards during its 11-season run  on NBC, but won only six:    Outstanding Comedy Series of 2002.  Outstanding Lead Actress in a Com (MORE)

What does the Emmy Award statuette hold in her hands?

The statuette of a winged woman holding an atom  The name "Emmy" was chosen as a feminization of "immy", a nickname used for the image orthicon tubes that were common in earl (MORE)

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Which TV show has been nominated for the most Primetime Emmy Awards?

"Saturday Night Live," which began its 42nd season on October 1,  2016, has been nominated for a record 219 Primetime Emmy Awards.  The next closest show: "e.r.," which earn (MORE)

What time do the Emmy awards come on television?

For years, the Primetime Emmy Awards have been televised on Sunday  nights at 8 p.m. Eastern time. But the 66th annual awards show will  be televised live by NBC on Monday, (MORE)