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What is your respiratory system?

what do you mean by your? I will tell everything I know about the respiratory system. My answer is diaphragm (the thing under the lungs that relaxes and tightens as you breat (MORE)

What are the respiratory system?

1. The prime organs participating in the breathing process are the lungs and the diaphragm. These are supplemented by the rib cage and surrounding muscles and activated by one (MORE)

What is a respiratory substrate?

Respiration is oxidation of foods, a catabolic process in living cells which liberate energy for this purpose of liberation of energy the compond used or oxidised is called re (MORE)
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Respiratory gases are exchanged at the respiratory what?

In the lungs are small air sacs called alveoli. These alveoli are covered with blood capillaries. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide diffuse through the alveolar capillary membrane. Ox (MORE)

What are the major respiratory?

The major respiratory diseases/disorders (for Grade 5 students) - ASTHMA -Bronchitis a:Acute bronchitis b:Chronic bronchitis -Chemical bronchitis -Pulmonary (MORE)
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What is respiratory polio?

Respiratory polio is a variation of the different kinds of polio where whoever has it has trouble breathing and could be placed in an oxygen tent or an iron lung.