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What are the most popular role-playing games of all-time?

When discussing table-top pen and paper RPGs, far and away the most popular roleplaying game of all time is Dungeons and Dragons. Though controversial by critics and fans of R (MORE)

Is there any role-playing games?

yeah of course there r a (can purchase or download) 1. EVERQUEST II 2. VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE - BLOODLINES 3. AVEYOND 2 4. SACRED GOLD 5. SID MEIER'S PIRATES! 6. (MORE)
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What role does friction play in the sport cricket game?

when cricket players make the ball swing 1 side is shined if the left side is shined then it swings in to the right handed bats and the rough hits the floor more friction make (MORE)

What role did women play in the history of the ancient Olympic games?

Women played no part in the Ancient Games as they were not allowed  to even watch the games, let alone take part. The reason behind  this is due to the fact that Olympia was (MORE)
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Is there a Mario role playing game?

There are quite a few Mario RPG's out there to this date, such as: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Sega, Mario and Luigi: Partners In Ti (MORE)

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