The Westing Game

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In the book The Westing Game what special talent did Theo possess

Theo was a good storyteller according to Chris.

Why was Doug Hoo stationed outside the Westing house

Doug Hoo was stationed outside the Westing house because, being the fasted one of the "group", he was to time how long "Turtle" stayed in the house in a dare: a certain amount of money for each minute.

In the Westing game what did turtle encounter upon entering the house

Turtle Wexler ran into Samuel Westing's dead body.

What is a way social climber can be used in a sentence

social climber

How was Turtle Wexler able to profit from the storm


Who was greeting the beneficiaries at the Westing home

CROW ( the cleaning lady)

Why is Judge Ford surprised to see EJ Plum in charge of the Westing estate

Judge Ford wondered what a young & Inexperienced attourney like E.J. Plum was chosen in estate to such importance

Sam's obituary mentions that he was a dedicated gamesman and a master of chess Why might this be significant

because when sam loves to play chess he wins so he tells people he is good at playing chess

In the westing game why was chris happy to be selected to play the game

please tell me why chris was happy

What is denton deeres diagnosis of chris

Because he got a boner :d:d:d

In the westing game what does Turtle predict the next part of the will would read

what does turtle predict the next part of the will. in the westing game

What had somebody found in the third floor balcony in the Westing game


What did the tenants of Sunset Towers awaken to the next morning

i don't know for sure but i think it was the snow

Which reading strategy has you quickly look over a piece of reading to find a specific piece of information


What must the most potential beneficiaries do if they wish to strike is rich

it was you

Why was turtle startled when she looked into the coffin

It was a wax dummy

Why was Grace Windsor Wexler on time for Judge Ford's party this evening when normally she would arrive late

She didn't want to miss any clues, notes, or wait around with a murderer on the loose.

What was the design on sydelle pulaski dress remind turtle of right at that moment

The design on Sydelle Pulaski's dress remind Turtle of right at that moment was the purple waves.

What is JJ Fords title in the will for the westing games

Josie-Jo Ford

How would you describe Otis amber from the westing game


Who does Mrs westing turn out to be in the westing game

Mrs. Westing turns out to be Bertha Erica Crow.

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