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What is a synonym for 'savory'?

savory: ambrosial, appetizing, delectable, heavenly, luscious, scrumptious, tasteful, tasty, toothsome.. a couple synonyms for savory are:delectible, delicous, heavenly, and (MORE)

What is savory jelly?

Many foods fall into "sweet" or "savory" categories. Sweet is self-explanatory. Savory dishes tend to be seasoned with herbs, spices and salt, rather than sugar. A savory jell (MORE)

What is in savory?

Savory is a cooking herb. Both varieties, winter and summer, have a strong flavor and many uses. Summer savory is an annual and must be planted every year. Winter savory is ha (MORE)
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Is chocolate savory?

In it's native form, pure chocolate powder or solid is bitter. Most chocolate that is sold as confectionery or for cake filling has been sweetend with sugar.

What is a savory person?

Presumably, a person you like. But unsavoury is the more common word. In english, some 'un' words (or negative words) don't have a non-'un' version. 'Dis gruntled' does not ha (MORE)
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Are Pizza pinwheels savory?

Yes! Especially if made with Pillsbury Cressent Rolls. I am a big fan of pizza and they are good stuffed with pepperoni. That question made me hungry. CapeCodKid1

What is 'savory' when translated from English to Italian?

The singular salata or saporita and the plural salate or saporite in the feminine or the singular salato or saporito and the plural salati or saporiti in the m (MORE)