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Savory in a sentence?

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What is a sentence for savory?

The hamburger won the award for being savory.

Sentence with savory in it?

those meatballs are savory, try one.

How do you use savory in a sentence?

The steak is very savory; the flavor is tremendous.

Can you make a sentence with the word savory?

I found the filet mignon quite savory.

What is a sentence for the word savory?

We enjoyed the warm, savory chili on a cold winter day.

Could you use savory in a sentence?

The savory aroma of pot roast greeted us when we came home from church.

What is a sentence using the word stupendous?

This meal was savory and stupendous.

What is an example sentence for savory?

In that particular flavor of ice cream, the bacon fat provided a savory taste that contradicted the sweet flavor of the vanilla extract.

How do you use marinade in a sentence?

Marinade is savory for flavoring foods, and acidic for tenderizing.

Is cream a savory or sweet?

it is a savory

What is the word 'savory' when translated from English to Japanese?

what is the word savory mean please

What is the word savory mean?

savory means pleasant or agreeable in taste or smell: a savory aroma. a lot..

Is Savory an herb or a spice?

savory is a herb not spice.

What is savory?

Savory is an herb. You can find it at the supermarket in the spice aisle.

Is Boxty sweet or savory?

It is a savory pancake made with potato.

Is honey savory?

Sweet foods are not normally considered savory.

When did William Savory die?

William Savory died in 2004.

When did Henry Savory die?

Henry Savory died in 2008.

When was Henry Savory born?

Henry Savory was born in 1914.

Is pasta salad savory?

Pasta salad can be either savory or sweet.

Is potato bake a savory food?

A savory food is one that is not sweet, such as deserts.

When was Douglas Lloyd Savory born?

Douglas Lloyd Savory was born in 1878.

When did Douglas Lloyd Savory die?

Douglas Lloyd Savory died in 1969.

What has the author John Savory written?

John Savory has written: 'George Lodge'

When was Allan Savory born?

Allan Savory was born on 1935-09-15.