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Are scorpions endangered?

No, most insects or arachnids are not endangered because of the simple fact that they reproduce so quickly and because there is approximately 14-17 insects or arachnids per pe (MORE)

Are there scorpions in Arkansas?

Yes there absolutely are scorpions in Arkansas. The only species found in AR is the striped bark scorpion, and they tend to come out in April, May, and June. My wife and I cou (MORE)

Are there scorpions In the UK?

  Yes. Loads of them in pet shops. And one species in the wild - Euscorpius flavicaudis, commonly known as the European Yellow-Tailed Scorpion. Migrated to the UK about 20 (MORE)

Can a scorpion marry a another scorpion?

Scorpions are insects, and marriage does not happen in the animal kingdom! They MATE with each other of course, otherwise the species would be extinct, but marriage is an excl (MORE)

Can a scorpion kill another scorpion?

Yes in fact male Scorpions kill other males to attract a mate. they will kill each other with its own venom They can't kill each other with venom, as all scorpions are immu (MORE)