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Is it lie ahead or lay ahead?

It depends. In the present tense it is lie ahead. In the past tense it is lay ahead. Because lay is the past tense of lie. Do not confuse this with the verb lay, which means t (MORE)

What is a search?

Computer Search: A search is the scanning of files within a folder or hard drive to find a particular item. Keywords are needed to identify the item being searched. Internet (MORE)

What rhymes with ahead?

There are 207 results at Check it out at Dead, shed, fed, red, thread, wed, (MORE)

Who is ahead in the polls?

  Does it really matter McCain or Obama they are both going to keep the troops in Iraq the both voted for the bail out .... they both make promises that they have no inten (MORE)
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Is ahead an adverb?

It can be, as in "he ran ahead" (ran where). It is less clearly an  adverb in uses such as "he was ahead in the race" or "the path  ahead is clear."

How do you search?

There is a blank space in the tool bar at the top or bottom of the computer screen. It may be marked Search or with a small magnifying glass, Yahoo, or Google. If you are look (MORE)
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Why is ahead an adverb?

Because it answers the question "where" when used with a verb.   In modern use, it can seem to be an adjective, although originally  it meant "at the head (front)" or for (MORE)

How do you do a Will search?

I'm not sure whether you mean search for a Will of someone deceased or how to search how to get your own Will completed, so I'll answer both. You can first see if the indivi (MORE)