Explorers and Expeditions

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What did coronado discover

what did Columbus discover

Who discovered the Mississippi River

Hernando de Soto. He discovered the Mississippi River in 1541 and crossed it in order to explore Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Even though he had made great progress in exploring previously unknown areas, he was unsuccessful in finding any gold or treasure.
Hernando de soto

What was Cartier searching for

For a northwest passege to Asia and looking for riches in Canada where he could establish a new settlement

Where was the first permanent European settlement in north America

the first European settlement in north America was st Augustine

What was Canada first called

Upper Canada and Lower Canada.

What area did Coronado explore

he found AZ ,Mexico,and ks

Which explorer searched for the seven cities of gold

Fransico De Coronado searched for cibola, known as the seven cities of gold.

What did Hernando de Soto do

Hernando de Soto was a Spanish explorer and the first European to discover the Mississippi River. de Soto's expedition was searching for gold and a passageway to China.

What were the English pirates called

they were called corn hole pooptanks

Famous people from Sudan

Coretta Dunson- Also known as seadog.

Who was the first successful French settlement was located

The first successful French settlement in the United States was on Parris Island in South Carolina. The first successful French settlement in North America was in Quebec.

What three important things did Jacques Cartier do in France

he was a navigator and he a explored france:)

What is the sentence of the word explore

My friends and I will explore this area on foot, this weekend.

Let's explore that cave tomorrow.

Can you see who is searching you on Facebook

Not really.

What is the statute of limitations on personal injury claims in new york

The statute of limitations on personal injury claims in New York is three years. It is three years plus the discovery rule for cases involving exposure to toxic substances.

How much is 12g of sugar

About 3 dicks in ur mouth

What legendary place did the Indians describe to the greedy Spaniards

what legendary place did the indians describe to to the greey spainards

What did Marquette and Louis Joliet discover about the Mississippi river

They discovered the Mississippi River

Which leader helped to found the NAACP

W. E. B. DuBois helped to found the NAACP.

Paris Island is a portion of which county in South Carolina

Parris Island is situated within the portion of Port Royal in Beaufort County in the state of South Carolina in the United States. It is a former census designated place.

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