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How did Marius change the Roman army?

Marius changed the roman army by promising land to the poor men if  they became soldiers.   Near the beginning of the 1st century BC BCE, Marius was given  almost unlimi (MORE)

How did Gaius Marius change Rome?

Gaius Marius changed the way Romans thought about government. Through craft and questionable statemanship, he convinced the Senate to set aside many of the safeguards against (MORE)

Why was Marius gaius important?

He was important for many reasons including defeating many invading  germanic tribes who sought to overthrow him, he gave many people a  place to live but for a cost ofd the (MORE)

How did Marius contribute to the breakdown of the roman republic?

Marius instituted military reforms that contributed significantly  to the breakdown of the Roman Republic. The Marian reforms added to  the numbers of standing armies by ope (MORE)

Who was Gaius Marius?

Gaius Marius (157 BC - January 13, 86 BC) was a Roman general and  statesman. He held the office of consul an unprecedented seven  times during his career.
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Who plays Marius in Les Miserables?

The role of Marius has been played by many actors some stand outs include: In the original London cast Marius was played by Michael Ball In the 10th anniversary special Ball r (MORE)