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Who is Simon Wickens?

Simon Wickens B.A.(Hons.) F.R.G.S. is a British Barrister based in  the Temple, London.   Born in England, he grew up in the United States of America. He  attended the I (MORE)

Which influential reform is attributed to Gaius Marius?

The influential reform that is attributed to Gaius Marius was the soldiers would be rewarded with a piece of land to settle on once their military service was finished.
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Who is Simon gurdy?

from what I have gleaned, in Ohio in the early 1800's, there was a settler named Simon Gurdy that sided with the Indians against the US. He is said to have killed and scalped (MORE)
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Simon pegg is from where?

Simon Pegg has been in many movies such as: .Shaun of the dead (Romantic comedy with zombies) .Hot fuzz (an action comedy) .Run fat boy run (romantic comedy) .How to lose fri (MORE)

How did Gaius Marius change Rome?

Gaius Marius changed the way Romans thought about government. Through craft and questionable statemanship, he convinced the Senate to set aside many of the safeguards against (MORE)

Who is Kip Simons?

  Answer     Kip Simons 196 Olympian more on his official website.   Answer   Answer     Kip Simons is the Associate (MORE)

Who was Gaius Marius?

Gaius Marius (157 BC - January 13, 86 BC) was a Roman general and  statesman. He held the office of consul an unprecedented seven  times during his career.
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How did Sulla turn what he had learned from Marius against him?

What Sulla learned from Gaius Marius were military skills. Sulla served under Marius' generalship during his early military career. Sulla later turned against Marius and fough (MORE)

Who plays Marius in Les Miserables?

The role of Marius has been played by many actors some stand outs include: In the original London cast Marius was played by Michael Ball In the 10th anniversary special Ball r (MORE)