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What is the average air show pilot salary

Airshow pilots for the most part are volunteers or are unpaid unless they're members of the Armed Forces.

What is a contemporary theater

Contemporary means modern, so contemporary theatre is just modern theatre as opposed to classic theatre.

Contemporary theatre can be a whole range of things.

What is an acting troupe

a acting troupe is a group of actors some of these groups were named from Elizabethan era.

Elizabethan Acting Troupes:

*Lord Strange's Men

*Chamberlain's Men

*Admiral's Men

*King's Men

What kind of music is featured in musicals

Differs. Can be broadway, to pop, to rock to classical.. It is usually orchestra driven.

Eugene O'Neill did what

Eugene O'Neill was an American playwright.

What is a short literary scene or description

A short literary scene or a description is sometimes referred to as a vignette. A vignette is often found in a movie or in a play.

How many television sets were there in the US by1959

By 1959, there were about 52 million television sets in the United States.

Signal call on a trumpet or cornet for the entrance of an actor on a stage

Sennet - Elizabethan theatre!

What is Eugene O'Neill's birthday

Eugene O'Neill was born on October 16, 1888.

Who yelled Stella in street car named desire

Marlon Brando

What are the criteria for a musical play

production (x factor and entertainment of the production)

Musical direction

Set design


What does henrik ibsen Tennessee Williams and eugene oneill have in common


How old was William Shakespeare when he die d

Shakespeare was born April 23, 1564, approximately. He died April 23, 1616. He was fifty-two.

Which production introduced full frontal nudity to genre of musical

Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk

When did musical Cats open in London

Cats premiered in the West End at the New London Theatre on May 11, 1981.

When did the musical Rent first show on Broadway

The first staged show was in march 1993 at the New York Theatre Workshop and first appeared on original Broadway in April 29, 1996. On Broadway the show achieved critical acclaims and word of mouth popularity.

What is the major climax of Les Miserables

The Major Climax of Les Miserables : were Cosette and Marius got Married..

I hope that answer helps you..God Bless!!

When was David Heilweil born

David Heilweil was born on September 12, 1917.

When was Charlotte Saunders Cushman born

Charlotte Saunders Cushman was born on 1816-07-23.

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