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Who owns the stars in the night sky?

Answer     G-d owns the stars in the night and in the day(although you can't see the strars in the day ). G-d owns and controls every- He gave life to your parents an (MORE)

How do you dream at night?

if you think of sommehting at night you will dream that Dreams are produced naturally by the subconscious mind while the conscious (waking) mind rests in sleep. Just like wa (MORE)

Can you not dream in a night?

Yes you, can have nights when you can't dream. You fall asleep regularly and instead of dreaming, it is blank. Time goes by the same, you don't notice it. No, one cannot slee (MORE)

What are stars in the night sky?

Answer: Burning balls of gas millions of miles away! Answer: The stars are similar to our Sun. Very bright objects, with diameters that are often a million kilometers across o (MORE)

How does moon appear in night sky?

The appearance of the sun, moon, and stars are all caused by earth's rotation. The earth will rotate on its axis, going very slowly around and around, which will cause the ear (MORE)

Why is the sky black at night?

1) I assume you're asking why it isn't as bright as day, given the (possibly) infinite number of stars in the universe. This is known as "Olbers' paradox" 2) The main reason (MORE)

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