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What is source code?

It is the computer program written in human readable form that is eventually sent through a compiler or assembler to create a computer application. Source code can be in any h (MORE)

Php Source code for validation?

If you wish to check the syntax of your source code, you need to run the code through the PHP CLI with the -l option. There are also some online resources to validate the synt (MORE)

What are source code in programming?

  You write a computer program with words and symbols that are understandable to human beings. This is the edit part of the development cycle. You type the program directl (MORE)

How is HTML source code edited?

Any plain text editor (like notepad) can be used to edit HTML code. Most developers prefer to use a more complex editor like Dreamweaver or Editplus which assists by auto-for (MORE)
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What is the easiest rsps source to code?

Tactically a 317 would be the easiest to code but if you've had, experience coding, you could try coding a 474? You could use any client, that allows you to use customs like (MORE)

How do you make source code in java?

Creating source code in any programming language requires nothing  more than a plain text editor. However, a text editor specifically  tailored to the programming language m (MORE)