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What is the driving distance from Chicago to South Bend?

The driving distance between South Bend, IN and Chicago, IL is approximately 95 miles. The driving time would be approximately 1 hours 45 minutes if you were to travel non-sto (MORE)

How far it from Chicago to south bend?

By train, it is 84 miles. There are two Amtrak trains a day between the two cities. There is also commuter service provided by the South Shore Lines.
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How far is South Africa from Chicago?

Considering South Africa is a pretty big country, I have taken Johannesburg as a destination point. In that case Chicago to Johannesburg is approximately 14,000 kilometers (8 (MORE)

How much are tolls from south bend to Chicago?

From South Bend to the West Point Exit in Indiana is $4.70 without an I-zoom and 2.25 with an I-Zoom. 50 cents in-between West point and Skyway road 50 cents in-between IN (MORE)

Which hemisphere is south of Chicago?

  Chicago, being in the USA, is in the Northern Hemisphere.   Everywhere that is not in the Northern Hemisphere is in the Southern Hemisphere.
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