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Air duct system is designde at 1 static pressure but some load calculation programs say a total system of 4 static What is the difference of the two?

When a fluid/air is flowing though pipe/duct in one direction, the conduit surface will apply some resistance to the flow. And also the resistance is applied by its own molecu (MORE)
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Is static friction still greater than kinetic friction when pushing a load uphill?

No, we cannot say Static Friction is greater than kinetic Friction. But Static Friction can be either greater than/equal/less than kinetic energy     Before the body i (MORE)

What is static variable and what is static function?

Static Variables and functions are parts of a class that do not require an object of the containing class to be invoked or accessed. They are not specific to every instance of (MORE)

What are static load and dynamic load?

 A static load is the effect of gravity on an object or structure.    A dynamic load is the forces that move or change when acting on a structure.    Example (MORE)
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What are static exercise?

Quite simply. Static means not moving. if you attempt a push-up and halfway up you hold that position - that portion as a static exercise. another example is the chair sit. Pl (MORE)
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What is static compression?

it is the compression ratio just figuring area of all engine components.head chamber vol.+head gasket thickness+piston to deck height+piston volume cc+cylinder volume.
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A crate 96 kg is loaded onto a truck with coefficient of static fricion between the box and the truck bed is 0.14 what is the smalles radius of curvatur da truck can tke whle going 2.9 meter per secnd?

since frictional force = coefficient of friction * reaction force...  frictional force = 0.14mg  where m = mass of object and g = gravitational field strength (9.81)  frict (MORE)