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What is a statistical problem?

The statistical problem helps to describe the whole issue of descriptive and inferential statistics. The main aspects of the statistical problems are the population should b (MORE)

Difference between statistics and statistic?

Statistics is the name of the subject. It is the general definition which deals with the collection, presentation and interpretation of data. On the other hand, statistic is a (MORE)

Statistics in agriculture?

  statistics is present in agriculture because it is used to maintain the progress and the needs of every plant and also of animals within the place. since statistics is a (MORE)

What is statistics and data?

Statistics are values that give information about a group. For example, 60% of teens in the US graduate high school is a statistic because it gives a number, 60%, to tell info (MORE)

Difference between statistic and statistics?

A statistic is a distinct, descriptive value that has been acquired by some method (measured, counted, etc.). Statistics is the subjective and objective manipulation of the (MORE)

What it is the difference between statistic and statistics?

Statistic is singular; statistics is plural. Statistic is a single data point. Statistics is the study of collections of related data points.
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What is the role of statistics in medicine statistics?

For decades, biostatistics has played an integral role in modern medicine in everything from analyzing data to determining if a treatment will work to developing clinical tria (MORE)
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What are the division of statistics?

The division of statistics are generally divided into two groups:  inferential and descriptive. Inferential statistics require that a  conclusion is drawn from data, based a (MORE)