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Steven spielbergs favorite food?

McAloon's Chicken Pot Pie is Steven Spielberg's favorite food. His  favorite candy is Reese's Pieces. Steven Spielberg has directed  many movies including The Color Purple.

Why is Steven Spielberg famous?

Steven Spielberg is famous because he is an Oscar-winning film director whose films have been commercial and critical successes. Spielberg has directed a wide range of films f (MORE)

Steven spielberg email address?

He actually has several that you can find online. Below are a couple. email , Steven Spielberg Amblin Entertainment, Inc. 100 Universal C (MORE)

Does Steven Spielberg have Asperger's Syndrome?

According to his agents, he does not. It has been a rumor spread via the Internet but denied by Steven Spielberg and I would think he would know.
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What films had steven spielberg directed?

he has directed E.T Jaws Close encounters of the third kind Schindlers list raiders of the lost ark Indiana Jones and the temple of doom the last crusade Jurassic park 1,2 and (MORE)

What movies does steven spielberg direct?

Steven Spielberg directed, feature-length films: AI: Artificial Intelligence Always (1989) Amistad Catch Me If You Can (2002) Close Encounters of the Third Kind The (MORE)

What did Steven Spielberg do?

Steven Spielberg makes movies. Spielberg is one of the most notable directors in Hollywood. He has made influential movies as well such as Schindler's List. He has also made (MORE)
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Did Steven Spielberg retire?

It may seem that way, as he has not released a film since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. However, he is actively finishing up the film Tintin, due for release in December of th (MORE)