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When you are an alcoholic are you always an alcoholic?

There is a lot of controversy over this issue. The best information seems to indicate that people can recover from the physical effects of alcoholism if they stop drinking soo (MORE)

Is an alcoholic always an alcoholic?

That is a matter of semantics. Certainly alcoholics run the risk of re-activating their disease if they start drinking again, but those who recover usually are able to re-ente (MORE)

What does alcohol do the the liver?

Alcohol is a demanding force in the liver requiring the liver to put aside its normal activities in order to metabolize the alcohol. In fact, metabolizing large amounts of alc (MORE)

Is it illegal to serve alcohol to an alcoholic?

It is not illegal to serve an alcoholic, although it has sometimes been illegal in the past to serve "known or habitual drunkards." In some jurisdictions it is illegal to serv (MORE)
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What makes an alcohol a hard alcohol?

Hard alcohol is a misnomer for Liquor. Liquor is a beverage that has been distilled. It can also be called a "spirit". The kind of alcohol in alcoholic beverages is called eth (MORE)

What alcohols are there?

Methanol, Ethanol, Propanol and Butanol is all i know of.   well there are lots of varieties...    i think you should go to your doctor to find out moree...    good (MORE)

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