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Personal business letter

A personal business letter is a letter written by an individual to a business concerning a business matter.

What is the most important rule for font selection and size when creating business documents

what is the most important rule for font selectionand size when creating business documents

How can you input data and files into the computer

DATA & Files can copied from Computer Systems attached & accessible in Network, USB Storage Devices, Optical Media Devices or by Websites (if connected to Internet)

Which business letter feature is found at the top of the page

Return of address (Apex)

Why is the block letter format commonly used for business letters

It easy to scan for key information.

What is the aspect of language that deals with writing but not speaking called

Mechanics -apex

What is a reason for preferring to send a print business letter rather than an email for an initial contact

It is more professional than an email.

Why should you avoid the use of sarcasm clichés and idioms in business letters

A business letter should be concise and to the point. It should clearly state why you are writing, clearly present information related to the matter of the letter, and state what (if anything) you want the recipient to do in response to the letter.

Idioms and cliches can obscure the point of a business letter and sarcasm can put the recipient in a negative frame of mind.

Why is what you say in business as important as how you say it

Poor writing skills detract from the sender's message

Which actions should be done throughout the mail merge process

bruh ion know

Which of the file names below follows standard file naming convention


What happens if a spelling checker does not have a suggestion for a misspelled word

The writer must correct the word - apex

The idea generating technique most often used in writing business letters is

Free writing

Why a file naming conventions essential

Without everyone using the same system , it would be impossible to know locate folders or files.

What is The optional feature in a business letter is the


Apex Uses of Business Letters

What is letterhead is similar to a logo

Suma nimo ikaw ray kahibaw

Why Document creation is a key business function because

It allows documents to be stored, distributed, and analyzed for decision-making.

What are letters with already formatted fonts and field's


Reasons for printing your document include all of the following except:A. It can be more secure and private.B. You can get proof of delivery to the sender.C. It is easier to proofread for errors.D. It gets to the recipient faster

D. It gets to the recipient faster.

A personal business letter may be written by

A college student inquiring about a loan.

To prevent loss of work on the computer, it is essential to

Save your document frequently.

From: Apex: Uses of Business Letters

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