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Top 20 richest hip hop artist?

The richest hip hop artist is Dr. Dre. Other rappers worth a lot of  money are P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Master P, and Russell Simmons.

Why is hip-hop called hip-hop?

The term Hip Hop was a shortened version of " hippity hoppity" a  general reference to the legendary pioneer DJ Kool Herc. " hippity  hoppity" was how the people defined the (MORE)

Who are the top 50 richest hip hop in US?

There is not a list of the top 50, but Forbes has compiled a list of the top 20. This is Forbes list 1. Dr. Dre - $110 million 2. Diddy - $45 million 3. Jay-Z - $38 million (MORE)

Who's the top ten richest hip hop singers?

Answer   When talking about who is the richest in Hip Hop, other styles of music or even acting the figures are not always correct and it's the performers privatacy act t (MORE)

What is Emily B. from love and hip hop zodiac sign?

The epitome of romance, Piscean woman has an utmost need to be loved and protected. She is a dreamer by nature and has a tough time separating fact and fiction. Neither does s (MORE)

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