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How many Senators and House Representatives does the United States of America have?

As of 2009, the maximum number of seats in the House of Representatives is 435 and the maximum number of seats in the Senate is 100. Keep in mind however, that there may be va (MORE)

How many senators Pennsylvania state senate?

Many folks get confused between the STATE Senate and U.S. Senate. In the U.S. Senate there are 2 senators from each state. For Pennsylvania these two senators represent the st (MORE)

How many members of the United States Senate are there?

Currently, . There are one hundred members of the Senate. The length of term that the members of the Senate serve is currently six years. The House of Representatives has f (MORE)

What is a state Senator?

A state Senator is an elected member of the legislature, or law-making body, of his or her state of residence. This is not to be confused with a US Senator, who is elected t (MORE)

Can a convicted felon serve as a member of the United States senate?

  The unqualified answer is " Yes!!-- they can!! ". If anything, the wealth of in-house experience behind bars often proves indispensible to the freshman senator, seeking (MORE)