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Universal recipient blood group?

The Universal blood recipient would be somebody who is AB+. This is because they carry both A and B blood types and have a positive Rh factor. This means they can receive A, B (MORE)
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What is the Difference in universal donor blood and universal recipient blood?

A universal donor can donate to any blood type. The only universal donor is 0 negative because it doesn't have an antigens. Antigens are things that fight off foreign objects (MORE)

What is universal donor and universal recipients?

Blood group O is known as the "universal donor" because it has no antigens on its red blood cells and can therefore be safely given to any blood group. Blood Group AB is known (MORE)

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Why is blood type AB the universal recipient?

Blood type AB is the universal recipient because individuals who  have blood type AB do not have the antibodies. They do not have the  anti-A or Anti-B antibodies. They can (MORE)
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Is type ab blood a universal recipient?

Yes, because the person with AB blood can receive blood from any group A,B, O. Type O blood is a univeral donor and can only receive blood from the O blood type.
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What is the blood type for a universal recipient?

A universal recipient must be AB positive. They can receive type A, B, AB, or O donations and since their rh is positive can have either rh pos or neg. A universal Donor, howe (MORE)
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Why is type O considered a universal donor as a universal recipient?

Below is from the wikipedia: Anti-A and Anti-B, the common IgM antibodies to the RBC surface antigens of the ABO blood group system are sometimes described as being "natural (MORE)

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