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What presidents are from Vermont?

Chester A. Arthur-- born in North Fairfield , VT on October 5, 1829. Calvin Coolidge-- born in Plymouth VT on July 4, 1872. Both left the state before they began their car (MORE)
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Who is the governor of Vermont?

The current Governor of Vermont is Peter Shumlin (D). Shumlin assumed office as the 81st Governor of Vermont on January 6, 2011. He was re-elected for the term to run from Jan (MORE)
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How did Vermont get its name?

The name means "green mountains".    le Vermont is a village of some 20 homes southwest of Strasbourg,  France.    Vermont is grammatically correct, and it is s (MORE)
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How old is Vermont?

In geological terms it is quite old, as a State it is the 14th State which makes it about 219 years old.
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What do they make in Vermont?

Many things are made in Vermont. Cheese, maple syrup, coffee, mustard, preserves, bacon, ham, the wooden tiles for Scrabble games, railroad cars for New York's and Boston's su (MORE)
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What cities are in Vermont?

Vermont has some large towns but only nine population centers are incorporsted as cities. They are:BurlingtonSouth BurlingtonRutlandBarreMontpelierSt. AlbensWinsookiNewport an (MORE)
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What is the origin Vermont?

The name Vermont originates from two French words, vert and montagne. The first word means green and the second mountain. They were combined to form Vermont, hence the state's (MORE)
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What lakes are there in Vermont?

Lake Champlain leads the list. Others include: Crystal Lake Echo Lake Harvey's Lake Lake Bomoseen Lake Carmi Lake Iroquois Lake Memphremagog Lake Parker Lake Seymour Lake St C (MORE)