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Who won an Oscar for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Elizabeth Taylor won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Elizabeth Taylor was not present at the awards ceremony. Anne Bancroft accepted the award on her behalf.Sand (MORE)

Why West Virginia left Virginia?

During the civil war, Virginia was a part of the Confederate states of America. Part of Virginia (West Virginia) remained loyal to the Union, so it broke off of Virginia and f (MORE)

What is the symbolism in a haunted house by Virginia Woolf?

The treasure the ghosts are looking for is not a physical one, not jewels, not money... it's happiness and the love they shared in that house for many years. Virginia is once (MORE)

Why Did Virginia split into West Virginia and Virginia?

When Virginia voted to secede from the Union in April 1861, The more Northern and western counties decided not to secede. So, they broke away from Virginia and formed their ow (MORE)

What was Virginia called before Virginia?

Besides being called the 'New World', the area of Virginia to Georgia was generally referred to as 'The Carolinas'.
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Stream of consciousness difference between James Joyce and Virginia Woolf?

Virginia Woolf uses the puntuation, while Joyce doesn't. So in Virginia Woolf's texts you can understand when a thought starts and when it ends, while in Joyce's ones you can' (MORE)

Who was Virginia Woolf?

Virginia Woolf was a beautifully talented writer in Victorian  England. Her works mostly consisted of essays, poems, and short  stories however she did write a few novels. S (MORE)

What is the theme in the legacy of Virginia Woolf?

The theme of â??The Legacyâ?? by Virginia Woolf is marital  betrayal. Gilbert Clandon, a man who has no problem anticipating a  sexual liaison with his recently departed w (MORE)

Why West Virginia separated from Virginia?

There are several reasons why western Virginia wanted to secede  from its eastern half. But, first, you have to look at the  geography of the then-joined states. Mountains s (MORE)