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How do you get out of a wage garnishment?

Simple answer: you can't. Wage garnishments are awarded by the court upon the application of your creditor(s). You should have received a notice that this was going to happen (MORE)

What is minimum wage?

7.25    Minimum wage is the lowest wage allowed by law. Most states have a  minimum wage of $7.75 to $8.00 per hour.

What is outstanding wages?

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When is there an equilibrium wage?

When there is no  excess in demand for workers and in supply of workers   (By Solomon Zelman) 

What are gross wages?

If I remember right, gross pay is what you make before any thing such a taxes is taken from your pay and net is what you bring home on your check
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Wages in 1912?

In 1912, the average annual wage for a public school teacher was  $507. Railroad employees made about $662 per year, and lumber  workers made around $530 per year. The annua (MORE)

What is the wage of a nurse?

well if you were to become a nurse you would probaly start with getting paid little bits because you wouldn't be doing much but a nurse is a really important you save lives so (MORE)

What are the wages for the RCMP?

well i was reading up on wages and there is aprox. 8765 hours in a year, and the beginning wage for a rcmp 44513 dollars Canadian in the first 36months after that you become a (MORE)