Salary and Pay Rates

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Another name for groundhog


How much money do fast food employees earn

It depends on your state's minimum wage. The federal minimum wage is $7.25, but the majority of states have a minimum of wage of slightly higher than that, the highest being $9.50. Most likely, the wage at a fast food establishment won't be more than a quarter over it.

Who does Montague announce has died because of Romeo's exile from Verona

His wife.

Can a completely torn out cat claw grow back

no,if a cat claw is torn out it will never grow back,

What does hitch your wagon to a star mean

it means to reach high for your dreams.

If a frog is losing his voice do you say he has a frog in his throat or a human in his throat

Another frog in its own throat

What did romeo decide to purchase from the apothecary

a poison to drink.

Which of these is not a characteristic that makes a low-wage job attractive to a young person

Low-wage jobs usually come with very good benefits that make up for the relatively low-wages, particularly if the job is also a part-time job.

Some of the mountain highlands on the moon rise 8000 meters above the surface

adverb phrase

Which idiom best describes the importance of proper maintenance of a home or automobile

"A stitch in time saves nine" means that doing needed maintenance all along keeps you from having to do major repairs later. It's not really an idiom, though -- it's just a famous saying.

Most poets have another job they can't make a living on the income from their poetry


According to a study for the Federal Department of Health and Human Services how much do most teenagers earn per hour

8 dollars per hour or less

What does dauntless means

Dauntless means to be brave and daring.

A black hole is the remains of a supermassive star after a supernova

We believe this to be true, even though we cannot yet prove this.

Which of these words is a euphemism for the other words dislike abhor loathe and detest


Which of these words is NOT a euphemism for the other words misrepresentation lie falsehood fib


What is a true statements regarding melic poetry

It was accompanied by either a lyre or flute.

What Analogies English IX - Skills Choose the word that will correctly complete this analogy. NAVIGATION CAPTAIN rhyme


What is the analogy of bourgeois to middle class obsolete to

don't know

The safety of the passengers is the concern of William J. Snow, the pilot, and everyone at TWA.

william jj.snow.twa

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