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How do you get white shirt collars clean?

Are you ready for this? Shampoo! Use the same shampoo on the collar dirt that the person uses on their hair, just a little, and scrub the collar together to work the shampoo i (MORE)

What is White Collar about?

White Collar is a TV show that airs on the USA Network.  It is about a white collar criminal, Neal Caffrey, that is released from prison on an anklet in exchange for helping (MORE)

Why do priests wear white collars?

It is just simply to show that they are priests. It is to distinguish whether someone is a priest or not. - There are several theories as to how the collar actually came into (MORE)

What is white collar crime?

White collar crime refers to crime that is financially motivated  and usually isn't violent in nature. Being convicted of white  collar crime could result in imprisonment an (MORE)

What are blue and white collar workers?

Blue collar workers are laborers, especially factory workers. White collar workers are those who usually work in an office. The title of blue collar comes from the type of uni (MORE)

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