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Why was Massachusetts named Massachusetts?

Massachusetts was named Massachusetts because of the Native American tribe called Massachusett. They lived in Massachusetts Bay where the pilgrims landed. Coincidentally the W (MORE)

Does Massachusetts have tornadoes?

Yes, Massachusetts has had tornadoes as strong as F4. One of these  tornadoes struck the town of Worcester on June 9, 1953 and killed  94 people, making it one of the worst (MORE)

Why is Massachusetts called Massachusetts?

Named for a tribe of Native Americans who made their home south of  Boston; has been interpreted over the years as "of the great blue  hill", "great hills", and even said to (MORE)

What is the geography of Massachusetts?

The geography of Massachusetts includes that it is the seventh  smallest state in the United States. Bodies of water include Cape  Cod Bay, Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts Ba (MORE)

Are there badgers in Massachusetts?

I live in central Massachusetts and we have a badger family within 50 feet of our home. They appear almost every day feeding in the neighbors yard. It's pretty cool to see. At (MORE)

What are the industries of Massachusetts?

The major industries of Massachusetts are life science, the  financial industry, manufacturing, and computer and information  technology. Other large industries in the state (MORE)

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What is the driving distance between Williamstown ma and concord nh?

120 miles taking this route: Take ROUTE 2 - EAST, from Williamstown, to ROUTE 8 - NORTH towards CLARKSBURG in North Adams; follow signs to ROUTE 8 - NORTH.Take ROUTE 8 - NORTH (MORE)