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What is wool?

Any type of certain fiber, such as cotton or flax, prepared after a special process. Also, a sheep/lamb/goat's hair. . I would say that the word "wool" refers to fiber made f ( Full Answer )
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What are the advantages of wool?

Wool is less combustible (less easily burnt) than cotton and synthetic materials. . Wool tends to return to its original shape when it has been stretched or folded better tha ( Full Answer )
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How do you get wool?

You could get wool by shearing a sheep. Wool is like the hair of a sheep.
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How did you get wool?

Wool is called fleece when it starts. You shear it off of a lamb or sheep. This is done once or twice a year, depending on the type of sheep and where they live. Shearing is j ( Full Answer )
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Can you be allergic to lambs wool but not wool?

Answer . Wool only comes from lamb. However, if they make the wool in to thread or in some other form you may not be allergic to store wool and just the lamb's wool.. Answer ( Full Answer )
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Does a sheep have wool?

yes, it does. is that really what you are asking or is there a different meaning to that question?
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What can be made of wool?

u can make so many thing out of wool here are some u can make juper,scarf,t'sharts,pants.ect!
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How did wool get its name?

The word has origins in so many languages that I feel more comfortable providing the Online Etymology Dictionary link, listed below:
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How do you recycle wool?

You can recycle it by breaking down the fibres and turing it into something else. An old jumper, for instance, may be carefully undone and the wool gathered, cleaned, and re- ( Full Answer )
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Are wool and cotton wool different?

Cotton is softer. Additionally, cotton is a cellulose fiber taken from the seed pod of a plant. Wool is a keratin fiber and is a variety of fur that sheep have.