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Q: 'where should I sell my 1986 300zx turbo'?
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Where can you find a stereo for a 85 300zx?

I have on from my 1986 300 zx. willing to sell cheap.

I am interested in a 1984 Nissan 300zx turbo but the guy says the turbo does not work How does that affect the car's performance and should I still consider buying it?

yes this would affect the performance a whole lot, its like covering your mouth when you need to catch your breath after a long jog. i have a good working turbocharger i can sell u. my email is

How can you get your car to hiss with no turbo?

they sell inserts for your muffler that simulate the noise a turbo makes

Does bell sell sony Ericsson?

No, unless you want a turbo hub.

How do you install turbo in a Chevrolet Optra?

You sell optra, then buy camaro.

Do shops still sell Turbo Tango?

No what are u stuck in the 19th century

What companies sell a 36mm tool to loosen and torque the inner tie rod end on a 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S?

you might check Oriellys or Auto zone they should either rent or sell them

Will they make a lights and sound Leland turbo?

I'm pretty sure they will i mean they have plus they haven't made that many toys of Leland turbo very sadly I'm really shocked because they haven't even made a separate one of him that's kind of odd I think because they made a separate one of all the other characters from cars 2 and last I think they should make a bunch of prototypes of Leland turbo and sell them last thing I think they should make bigger model of Leland turbo just like they did for rod torque redline.

Does Gamestop sell modded controllers?

Yes gamestop sells their TURBO modded controllers

Can you put a turbo on a Hyundai Elantra?

You'll have to take the car to a turbo specialist, normally fit a turbo to a normally aspirated engine, you have to replace a few engine components to stronger ones that can handel the extra stress, delivered by the turbo. But if you do it right, o boy you'll never sell that car again.

Why is it illegal to sell meteors that land in Australia to overseas people?

According to 'Protection of movable cultural heritage Act (1986)' it is illegal to sell meteors to people overseas. It should be handed over to the government to avoid penalties.

What websites online sells turbos?

There are many places online that sell turbos. Some of the popular places you can find them are Turbo By Garrett, Turbos Rugby, Precision Turbo and even on eBay.

Can you put a 2.0 turbo engine in a 96 eclipse that has a 2.0 wo turbo what mods if any will have to be done?

yes you can... but it will cost way to much money. sell it and buy a gst or gsx

Where can you get oil pressure for a turbo on a 96 cavalier and is it possible to still pass emissions testing?

You have to unscrew the oil pressure sensor on the back of the engine. then screw in the 4-way adapter you should have in the hole where you unscrewed the oil pressure sensor, it should come with a plug in the 4way, screw the sensor into the 4way alone with the oil line for your turbo. If you do not have a 4way they sell adapters which are placed underneath the oil filter with a spot where you can screw on the oil line. And yes you should be able to pass an emissions test because a turbo actually atomizes the fuel to probuce lower emissions.

Can you turn a non turbo 4d56 Mitsubishi to turbo?

Most things like that ARE possible, if you're able to throw enough money on the problem. But usually, it'll be cheaper simply to sell the non-turbo car and buy a turbo car instead. There are a lot of other changes than merely slapping on a turbo, and they'll all cost time and money to do.

What is the lowest price for a turbo charger for a 1989 ford probe?

i will sell you one for 300 3095317145

How do you sell t-shirts on roblox?

You must purchase Builders Club or Turbo or Outrageous BC.

How much can you sell your 1988 convertible Mazda rx-7 for?

Depends on the condition and how much is there and what mods are done etc. Anywhere from $500 for a rolling body needing work up to $20000 for a fully rebuilt totally modded street machine ! A turbo is worth more than a non turbo etc etc ! The average price for a nice 100000km turbo example would be around the $12000 mark where as a 100000km non turbo may only fetch $8000 ! The turbo ones werent released in australia so like my own fully modded black example they are all imported. The non turbo convertibles were the only ones sold new here in australia. They (mazda australia) did sell turbo hardtops just not turbo softops! Hope it helps .

What all do you take off of an eclipse turbo to turn an Eclipse non turbo into an Eclipse turbo?

The engine, accessories, transmission, computer, exhaust, etc - it would be cheaper to simply sell the non turbo and buy a turbo model. Alternatively, Hahn Racecraft makes a turbo kit specifically targeted to the 420A engine in the Eclipse RS/GS and Talon ES/ESi for prices of approximately $3k, and is offered in several customized layouts.

Where can you buy an xbox 360 turbo controller?

well Microsoft doesn't sell them because they give players an unfair advantage but if you go to they aren't a scam and they have the best turbo controllers available

Where can one purchase a turbo Mustang?

There are certain mechanic websites that sell turbo mustangs. It is also possible to purchase one from ebay. It is preferable to buy new, however, for it will be much better quality.

Where can one buy an Ionic Pro Turbo?

There are many stores that sell the Ionic Pro Turbo. Among them are Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, Staples, Bed Bath and Beyond and more.

Where may a person purchase an Aquabot Turbo Classic online?

Someone can purchase an Aquabot Turbo Classic online at an online retailer such as Amazon or websites that specifically sell pool cleaners and pool related items.

What does a base kit cost from Precision Turbo?

There is indeed a company called Precision Turbo, however their inventory lists no such item as a "base kit". They do however sell many other items related to vehicle performance.

How do you add a turbo to a 1990 Honda civic?

you sell it and buy one with a turbocharger. (seriously) it would cost more to fit one to your current car than to sell it and buy another.