0-60 mph OF A BMW M3?

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A 2010 BMW M3 has a 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds.
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How do you change the thermostat on your 1996 BMW M3?

If you open the hood and look at the front of the engine you should see two radiator hose converging into a black plastic piece that on either side seems to be bent slightly down. This is the thermostat housing. To replace your thermostat with no issues you must first put something under your car to ( Full Answer )

How fast does the BMW M3 go?

The top speed depends on a couple of things: Which M3? Stock tires or aftermarket? Is the car electronic limiter taken off? If you are talking about straight out of the factory all of the M3's are limited to 155mph. The new M3 aka 2008 can achieve a top speed of 203 mph however once it has been deli ( Full Answer )

Where is the battery in a BMW M3 E36?

I own a '99 M3 - The battery is located in the trunk, on the right side under the black plastic cover found on the side panel.

0 to 60 in a BMW m3?

The E36 M3 should do it between 5.5s and 6.0s depending on altitude and drive capability. Whilst the new E46 is quoted at 5.0s at sea level. Note: the given times are 0mph-62mph as in Europe the metric system is used and 0kph-100kph is the sprint speed timed which convers to 62mph.

Where is the battery on a 1996 BMW M3?

\nIt is in your trunk. If you are facing the trunk it is to the right of the spare tire, underneath the black plasting covering. Pull out the black plastic tray and there you have it.

Is the BMW E30 M3 the best M3 of the production series?

The E46 was the best of the M3 series in terms of power/handling/suspension etc. In its day the e30 was great but the E46 was better and is still better than the 2009 model. Very debatable . In my opinion, the e30 M3 was the best because it offers an overall more raw driving experience and was the ( Full Answer )

Who invented BMW m3?

who invented????? the m3 is the sport edition to the 3 series BMW makes, a more proper question is who designed the m3, which is bmws motorsports division..

Horses in 2007 BMW M3?

Probably only fit 1 in it depending on the size of the horse. . 420 PS or 414 HP

How fast can a BMW M3 go in mph?

I looked on one and it said 180 mph so 180 lol ---------------- The new model M3s (E90/E92/E93) all have a limited top speed in the U.S. to 161MPH, though delimited with a chip, or in Europe, they can do about 190MPH. The previous model M3s (E46) in US-spec trim could do 155MPH limited, or ( Full Answer )

What is new about the 2010 BMW M3?

4.4 liter V8 and they have 6 speed manual also they have DCT Dual Clutch Transmission which is paddle shifter and its really smooth shifting and gives it a complete sporty feel

How much does a BMW m3 gtr cost?

"they cost is very expensive they range from second hand about 30k-50k and brand new 70k-100k" Just improving the above answer: I think the OP is asking about M3 GTR and not M3. What the above person has answered is the cost of regular M3 models from BMW which are marked at US $58k upwards depe ( Full Answer )

Did BMW stop production on the m3 sedan?

Yes they stopped it on September 2011. Its not a good decision by BMW, the convertible M3 should have been gone, its too heavy and spoils the performance. Why Sedan BMW? 4 Door sports cars are cool, 2 doors are getting old. R.I.P. E90 ///M3

Does a BMW M3 have an immobilizer?

The E30 M3 did not, and the E36 M3 did not have one up to November of 1994. Every BMW ofter that has a immobilizer.

How much oil for a 1998 BMW M3?

The 1998 model uses the larger 3.2L S50B32 6 cylinder BMW engine. This engine requires 6.5 Litres (US quarts 6.87) of engineoil.

What is the best BMW m3 was made?

The original M3 has the least power. The newest one has the most. I heard the new V8 weighs less than the Inline-6 used in previous era M3's, giving it a better weight balance ratio. There's no automatic F1-style gearbox on earlier models, so opt out if you can't shift. The early M3's are a ( Full Answer )

Does a BMW m3 have a tv?

Yes,it does. I'm a foreigner,but I've got a m3. sorry , my English is completely rubbish.

Is there an automatic BMW M3?

Yes, they have an SMG Gearbox option. SMG means Sequential Manual Gearbox. it's F1 style with the paddles behind the steering wheel so you can change gears manually or, slide the gear lever to the left and it becomes automatic.

What are the standard features of BMW m3 cars?

A standard BMW m3 offers a 4 liter V8 engine with a manual transmission. It has iPod and Bluetooth capabilities. It also has stability and traction controls.

What is the safety rating for the BMW M3?

The most current model M3 has not yet been crash tested. According to most reviewers, however, the M3 seems to be one of the safer cars on the market, scoring mostly in the 7-9 range on a 10 point scale.

How much does a used BMW M3 cost?

A used BMW M3 can range between $13,000 and $60,000, depending on the year of the car. For example, a 2003 BMW M3 costs about $12,999 whereas a 2011 BMW M3 costs about $60,000.

Where did BMW launch the E46 M3?

The BMW E46 M3 was first launched in Germany where the first BMW E46 M3 was built. The BMW E46 M3 was first introduced in October 2000 and was produced from 2001 to 2006.

Where can a BMW M3 E92 be purchased?

The famous BMW M3 E92 can be purchased at some specialised used car dealers, but they seem to be quite rare. It's also possible to buy such a car on the internet, but before buying one always should see and check the car live.

What type of car is a E36 BMW M3?

The BMW M3 E36 is an automobile in the three series of BMW compact executive cars. It first came on the market in 1990 and has been replaced by the E46 model. The shape of this automobile is sometimes called dolphin shaped.

Where can one find deals on the BMW M3?

You can find deals online or at car retailers especially "BMW" as they will have up-to-date deals on how much you would have to pay for the particular car you would want.

When did the BMW E36 M3 debut?

The bebut of BMW E36 M3 was done in February of 1992 and the sell started in the month of November. The car was sold in Coupe style to begin with and later in 1994 two new style were introduced, namely: Saloon and Convertible.

Where can one purchase a BMW M3 E36?

The BMW M3 E36 was produced from 1992-1999. It is currently available for sale via used car dealers such as CarMax, via used car website such as PistonHeads, or through publications such as AutoTrader.

Where can one purchase a BMW E30 M3?

Login to bing search to find where to buy this beautiful car. BMW E30 M3 is a rare find, so expect the price to be higher then you expect. The other place to try is eBay, where you can find some reasonable offer.

Where can you purchase a BMW E92 M3?

One may purchase a BMW E29 M3 from a BMW dealership such Budd's BMW. One may also purchase the E29 M3 through a private sale found in Auto Trader magazine.

Where can one purchase BMW M3 wheels?

BMW M3 wheels can be purchased online through sites like eBay. They can be also purchased at an auto parts shop, such as O'Reilly Auto Parts or Sears Auto Center.

Where can one purchase a 2009 BMW M3?

One can purchase a 2009 BMW M3 from the following retailers: AOL Autos, Kelley Blue Book, Yahoo Autos, Edmunds, Auto Spies, Cars for Sale, Auto Trader, Motor Trend, Car Sales.