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M.H Saboo Siddik Polytechnic
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What colleges can a stratford career institute high school diploma get you into?

stratford career institute is not an accredited school so you cant get into college with their diploma. I'll challenge that. As a high school teacher who's had to participate in the process to gain accreditation for an institution, I want to challenge the answer given above by a previous poster (an ( Full Answer )

Can you receive a high school diploma from Stratford Career Institute?

Answer 1: Stratford does offer a high school diploma program that you can do at home. It is a good program, but you should know that the diploma is more to help you get a job since they are currently not accredited. Answer 2: And as they are not accredited, it won't help much on a job. Because ( Full Answer )

What is a College Prep Diploma?

Some states issue College Prep Diplomas as well as generaleducation diplomas. The college prep diploma indicates that thestudent has completed a specific course load, aimed at preparinghim or her for success in college.

Can you go to college with a GED Diploma?

yes Visit the official GED Testing Service website at www.acenet.edu for information or call 1-800-62-MYGED (1-800-626-9433) to find your local GED Testing Center. The center can tell you:. Whether you can take the GED Tests . Where to find the Official GED Practice Tests . Where to find a GED ( Full Answer )

What is a college diploma?

A college dipolma, most commonly called a degree comes from completing a specific coursework plan.

If you decide to go to stratford career institute will your diploma be recognized at some colleges?

This comes right from Stratford's listing on Wikipedia.org. "...graduates wishing to further their education at a school other than Stratford Career Institute should check with that school to determine if their course work is transferable." Some schools will accept a Stratford diploma, but other ( Full Answer )

Can you get into College with a Penn Foster Diploma?

YES Penn Foster High School is both regionally & nationally accredited as well as licensed by the State of Pennsylvania http://www.pennfoster.edu/diploma/certification.html Here is a list of some colleges, trade schools and universities that have accepted our high school diploma: htt ( Full Answer )

Can you go to college without a diploma?

Technically, yes. Most legitimate colleges, though, will require that you have something equivalent such as a GED; also, in some cases, colleges may offer certain courses to high school students (sometimes these count for credit towards both high school graduation requirements and an eventual colleg ( Full Answer )

What are the college diploma levels?

Typically, there are four levels of college degrees. They are: Associates Bachelors Masters Doctorate. The associates and bachelors are referred to as undergraduate coursework. Refer to the below. Associates Degree The associates degree is designed as a two year program of study as a full- ( Full Answer )

Can you get into college with a homeschool diploma?

Yep! Most colleges and universities have no problem acceptinghomeschool students and even adjust their requirements to helphomeschool kids get in without official transcripts ordiplomas.

Is the online Audio Institute of America diploma accredited?

While it is not accredited, they are licensed by California as a teaching institution and the diploma you receive just means you completed the course. The reality is do you want the piece of paper or the knowledge that you hopefully got to help you understand recording.

Has anyone got their diploma from stratford career institute?

Yes, I have and it is a complete waste of time...Read the contract closely,they are not an accreditted school so in other words you cant use it anywhere.Its just a piece of paper that's says Diploma and your name,something you could make from your own computer.lol don't get tricked into their scam.. ( Full Answer )

Does the college give a diploma?

Yes, they do. Although you get a diploma after graduating High School, you only have a chance to get one. There's certain levels of degrees you can receive in college. 1) Just a plain college degree- nothing very special. 2) Graduates Degree- you can go to Graduate School and get a degree for comple ( Full Answer )

Can i use a Stratford Institute Diploma?

I tried to join the military with a Stratford Diploma and it isn't recognized anywhere. I called and asked why didnt they make it clear to me that i couldn't actually use it and i was told its in the contract. Wow,what a waste of 600 dollars. So now im back in school taking a continuing education cl ( Full Answer )

What does it take to get a college diploma?

The associates degree is designed as a two year program of study as a full-time student provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the college, and provided the student does not require prerequisite coursework as a result of basic skills testing. There are some programs of study that m ( Full Answer )

How many credits do you get for a college diploma?

The associates degree is designed as a two year program of study as a full-time student provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the college, and provided the student does not require prerequisite coursework as a result of basic skills testing. There are some programs of study that m ( Full Answer )

Where is dialling code 0002?

Telephone country codes never begin with zero. The most commonly used international access prefix is 00, which would leave country code +02, which is an invalid code. Some places use 000 as the international access prefix, which would leave country code +2, which is an incomplete code. Most count ( Full Answer )

Can an Accounting Diploma from Stratford Career Institute be used to get into college?

Typically this would not be accepted. Still, you have to choose some colleges of interest, and then inquire about the entrance requirements. If you do not meet the general admissions requirements of the four year colleges and universities, you can certainly start with your home county community coll ( Full Answer )

Where is telephone country code 0002?

Country codes never begin with zero. Country codes beginning with+2 are mostly in Africa, although +297, +298, and +299 are in otherregions. You need at least one or two more digits to specify whichcountry. If you are calling from a place where 000 is the international access prefix, then you might ( Full Answer )

List of diploma college in mumbai?

What are you exactly looking for? You wish to do Diploma in which field? I dont think it is possible for an entire list of diploma colleges, but if you narrow down your search - say for example - list of dental colleges, list of commerce colleges, - you might be able to find something. Cheers

What is 0002 as a fraction?

Every whole number can be written as a fraction because all the whole numbers have 1 as their denominator. So 0002 can be a fraction as 0002/1 or 2/1

What colleges will accept accredited diplomas?

Any college will accept diplomas from recognized, legitimate, accredited schools, of which there are many. It's the non-recognized, false, diploma-mill type accredited schools, whose diplomas aren't recognized by other schools or businesses the student applies for work at.

How do you notarize a college diploma?

You make a photocopy of the diploma and take it along with the original diploma and the notary will verify that it is a true copy and put his notary stamp. Most banks don't do this type of notarization so you may need to go to a ups store or mailbox etc. It costs somewhere in the 10 to 15 dollar ran ( Full Answer )

What is the date for msbte diploma timetable for winter 2011?

I think the exact date of winter2011 exam time table is on 3 to 14 november of practical and submission and exam starts on 16 november 2011 to 14 december 2011 ...the exact date showing by first week of octomber.

Can you attend college with a diploma mill?

I'm not sure what this means. A "diploma mill" is what you use instead of going to college, if you want to have a degree and don't care whether it's legitimate or not. I don't think there are diploma mills at the high school level.

What colleges offer a college diploma online?

Several colleges offer diplomas for online coursework. The single best source for a listing by state and degree type is the U.S. Department of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.

How difficult is it to obtain a college diploma?

Obtaining a college diploma has varying levels of difficulty. It depends on your ability to focus and produce quality work as well as the ability to do well on tests.