0002 which college institute code in diploma MSBTE?

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M.H Saboo Siddik Polytechnic
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What colleges can a stratford career institute high school diploma get you into?

stratford career institute is not an accredited school so you cant get into college with their diploma. I'll challenge that. As a high school teacher who's had to participate

If you decide to go to stratford career institute will your diploma be recognized at some colleges?

This comes right from Stratford's listing on Wikipedia.org. "...graduates wishing to further their education at a school other than Stratford Career Institute should check wi

Where is dialling code 0002?

Telephone country codes never begin with zero. The most commonly used international access prefix is 00, which would leave country code +02, which is an invalid code. Some
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Can an Accounting Diploma from Stratford Career Institute be used to get into college?

Typically this would not be accepted. Still, you have to choose some colleges of interest, and then inquire about the entrance requirements. If you do not meet the general adm
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Where is telephone country code 0002?

Country codes never begin with zero. Country codes beginning with+2 are mostly in Africa, although +297, +298, and +299 are in otherregions. You need at least one or two more