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under ABS Brake Controller on driver side fender, A/C Line coupling on High Side.
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Where is the orifice tube located on a 1996 Ford Contour Sport?

on my 1999 Ford Contour the oriface tube was located under the hood on the firewall on the high pressure line, below the larger low pressure line, need to buy disconnect tool fuel/ac line tools, remove and then along the line is a connection with two nuts 22mm and 19mm unscrew and remove hose

Location of orifice tube 1998 Cadillac Deville?

long silver tube running across the back of the engine, mounted high remove saddle, in center 7mm wrench.fallow to the passengr side, big coupeling, two wrenches, undo, pull long side of tube from drivers side.look in to short tube, little plastic thing you see in there is the tube you seek pull out ( Full Answer )

Where is the Orifice Tubes located in the AC system for a 92 Ford Explorer xlt?

Answer . You will have to remove the air dryer, you will loss coolant. Under the air dryer is a silver tube and the orfice is in that tube. Must use needle-nose pliers to remove. you will have a little trouble putting in the new one because the of the o ring, use a little vaseline on it. the orfi ( Full Answer )

Where is the orifice tube located in a 1993 Ford Taurus GL?

Answer . \ninside of the line that runs from the condenser to the evaporator. The orifice was not intended to be serviced separately, in other words, you are supposed to buy the whole line, but there are some aftermarket parts suppliers that have a service kit that you cut open the line, replace ( Full Answer )

Where do you locate the orifice tube on a 1991 Hyundai Excel?

Answer . The orifice tube comes after the compressor for the AC and before the pipe goes into the dash. Look for a screw-apart junction in the metal AC line. Look for crimping on the pipe that is right next to that junction. That crimping keeps the orifice tube from sliding down the pipe. Th ( Full Answer )

Where is the AC orifice tube located on a 1999 dodge Ram 1500?

the orifice tube is located in the smaller high pressure line or liquid line between the condenser and evaporator and if you look hard enough at metal portions of this line you will notice squares or flats that prevent the tube from being pushed in too deep

Where is the orifice tube located on a 1996 Nissan Sentra?

Answer . \nIt doesn't have an orifice tube. It has an expansion valve that is located inside of the evaporator box. The evaporator assembly will have to be removed and taken apart to replace the expansion valve.

Where is the orifice tube located on a 1999 Oldsmobile Delta 88?

A '99 Olds Delta 88 doesn't use an orifice tube system for the air conditioning it uses a thermal expansion valve. The location is under the passenger side dash in the heater/evaporator box. Unfortunately, you have to remove the dash to replace it as well as discharge the a/c system.

Where is the orifice tube located on a 98 jeep Cherokee?

I have been searching for the answer for a long time too, I found somewhere that the Orifice tube is "in the Inlet tube of the evaporator". My 98 Cherokee A/C is completely dead, wont hold any charge at all, going to be taking the whole thing apart in the next few weeks and will let you know where I ( Full Answer )

Where is the ac orifice tube located on a 99 Ford Ranger?

I had trouble finding the orifice tube in my Ranger too. After taking off all connections, I finally found the orifice in the bottom tube coming off the condenser.. You can not tell by looking at the line from the outside. Once you loose the nut and pull the tubes apart you will see the end of the ( Full Answer )

Where is the Orifice Tube located on a 1984 Corvette?

Answer . It is located in the inlet tube of the evaporator between the outlet of the condenser and the inlet of the evaporator. This point can be found in a properly functioning system by locating the area between the outlet of the condenser and the inlet of the evaporator that suddenly makes the ( Full Answer )

Location of orifice tube 98 V6 Malibu?

location of orfice tube in a 1999 chevy malibu On your 1999 Malibu the expansion (orifice) tube is located at the condenser to evaporator connection in the evaporator tube.

Where is the orifice tube located on a 2000 ford mustang?

According to Ford's Technical Service Publication it's installed in the a/c evaporator core inlet tube The orifice tube is crimped in the liquid A/C line that runs from the accumulator to the condenser. The liquid line is underneath the accumulator lines so you will have to take out the accumul ( Full Answer )

Location of AC orifice tube on 2001 Ford Focus?

in a 2004 ford focus the orifice tube is located in the line coming off the dryer up against the firewall on the passenger side, It is a screw fitting, really easy to find once you have spent a few hours looking for it and give up and call a ford service department and ask where it is.

Where is the orifice tube located on a 1993 Chevrolet pickup?

The oriface is located in the tube that goes from the condenser to the accumulator right at the condenser where the hose connects Is there a place to find a diagram? I'm trying to figure out how to also replace mine. The more info the better

Where is the orifice tube located in a 1995 Ford tauras?

On a 1996 Taurus, it's the smaller line located above the passenger fenderwell right below the low pressure line (hidden by the larger line). It has a foam wrap around the junction (2 nuts) that can be separated and the orifice tube removed.

Where is the orifice tube on a 1997 gmc suburban located?

It's located on the left side fender well right before you get to the battery, look down and you will see a a/c line disconnect that line and it will be inside, you will needle nose pliers to pull the orifice tube out. >>> (your a/c system has to free of all pressure before you disconnect that line! ( Full Answer )

What is an orifice tube?

It's a type of metering device, and a pretty simple one. One side is narrower. This widening decreases the pressure of the refrigerant passing through it, effectively being one of the points where the low pressure (vacuum) side separates from the high pressure (discharge) side (the other point is th ( Full Answer )

Where is the orifice tube located in a 94 Nissan Quest?

It is located inside of a line that routes off of the condenser and splits between the front and rear A/C sections. The line with the orifice tube heads to the firewall on the passenger side of the vehicle. You'll see a crimped area on the line, where the orifice tube is located. I don't believe you ( Full Answer )

Where is the orifice tube located on 94 Toyota Camry?

If I'm not mistaken Toyota uses expansion valves, not orifice tubes. The two airconditioned Toyotas I've owned have been that way. The expansion valve will be located inside the evaporator unit behind the dash/glove compartment. Probably not accessible without removal of the evaporator unit.

What does an orifice tube do?

It filters the liquid refrigerant and meters the liquid entering the evap. coil which causes a drop in pressure and causes the liquid to boil and absorb heat from the interior of the car and transfer it to the atmosphere outside.

1986 Ford Escort orifice tube located?

It is running just below the hood level on the drivers side of the engine compartment. It runs the whole length of the fender. The orifice itself is in the middle.