00 sebring sputtering and wont run only?

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Assuming your spark plugs and wires are in good shape, put a checker on the diag harness and look for a bad speed sensor. could be many other things however - sorry but sketchy info. Good luck.
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Why does a 1998 Chrysler Sebring sputter and die while starting?

Answer . It could be any of several problems, anything from fuel delivery problems to ignition failure. Solid state (transistorized) ignitions can fail when a single transistor breaks down from heat. Just turning on a transistor can cause heat to build up so it doesn't necessarily take a lot of ( Full Answer )

Why does my 1989 dodge colt 1.5 engine run rough wont idle and have only half the power it should help?

with the engine off, loosen each spark plug wire at the spark plug and then set it back on the plug but not too tight so they can easily be removed later once the engine is running. now attempt to start the engine and once it's running remove each spark plug wire, one at a time with insulated pliers ( Full Answer )

1998 sebring jx wont turn over what can you do?

Answer . \nMake sure battery is charged\nMake sure battery cables are tight and not corroded\nCheck neutral switch (if Auto)\nCheck clutch safety switch (if std.)\nCheck starter solenoid\nCheck starter

Why do the gauges and most accessories stop working and also the odometer only displays a zero or says no bus but the car will start and run and drive on your 2000 sebring convertible?

The cluster has lost its connection to the onboard computer network(the "bus"). You will need to have it diagnosed with a scan tool and a wiring diagram. . I just had the same problem with my 1999 Chrsyler Cirrus. After several weeks I going through all the wiring and talking to different people, ( Full Answer )

Why wont your 00 1.6 zafira start all you get is a whirring sound?

Answer . Bad starter drive or broken tooth on flywheel/converter. Try manually turning engine with a breaker bar on the Crankshaft (Make sure in neutral if std. transmission) and then try starter if it no starts probably a broken tooth if not probably a bad starter drive

How do you get my guinea pig in the execrise wheel its only bout 5 to 6 weeks and wont run in the wheel what do i do?

Guinea pigs should not have a wheel in there cage because it isn't good for there backs NEVER put a guinea pig in an exercise wheel! Guinea pigs are not designed to be able to bend backwards and forcing their spines into this position could break the spine and paralyse the guinea pig. Your pig sho ( Full Answer )

Your Boot of your 00 Passat wont lock any idea why?

I had the same problem.Now I can only open and lock the car using the boot lock!There are two locking systems on the passat.The boot and obviously by locking the door(driver's).I would say that the boot locking system is acting up or stopped working altogether.Do the rest of the doors open when you ( Full Answer )

What is 00?

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1999 ford explorer wont stay running it died after you stepped on the gas hard and now turns over but wont idle or run It sputters and dies after a few seconds?

If there's no check engine light then it's just junky gas. You need higher quality like Sunoco or use Lucas injector cleaner. There's also a chance that the air filter is extremely dirty. Yep, that's your only options. It definitely couldn't be your fuel filter, fuel pump, MAF(mass air flow) sensor ( Full Answer )

2000 sebring blower only works on high?

you will need to replace the "fan blower resistor" it is about $70 for the part new, $4 bucks for one from a junkyard, it is located under the passanger side of the dash, it has 5 or 6 wires and 2 screws to replace it...it took me 15 mins to do the job...pratice on a car in the junkyard, why screw y ( Full Answer )

Your car sputters and shakes and wont accelerate very good?

If the shaking is specific to acceleration and the shaking is very rythmic (not random) it is most likely a fault in the ignition system. Usually a tune up or ignition coil replacement will solve this problem.


It is possible that your car has a faulty oxygen sensor that iseffected by the humidity and heat. This will create a rich or leanfuel mixture causing the car to sputter. It should be brought to amechanic for a tune up.

Computer will run only in safe mode in normal windows start up it keep rebooting and wont go into windows?

Check in the registry programs which are starting on system boot. One of them might work incorrect. Start->Run->Regedit, press enter. After that, go in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Delete what you think is crushing your system, try to start your system in normal ( Full Answer )

Who knows 94 Chrysler concord idles like misfire back fires and sputters when you give it gas but runs ok when you level out at any speed. this only happens after it warms up. does anyone know?

I think you need new spark plug cables. Try this at night. You'll need a partner. Have them, with emergency brake on and both feet firmly on brake pedal, start car, put in drive, and give a little gas. Now while they are doing this, you should pull spark plug cords one at a time off of plugs. You sh ( Full Answer )

Why did your 1987 300 Nissan non turbo shut off while you were driving it and it started a little and spit and sputtered now wont run at all you made sure gas was it clear filter under hood is empty?

a bad fuel! pump do you hear a buzzing sound when you turn the key on ? if not chek your fuel pump relay loceted in the engine compartment it'a black box located on the right hand side check fuse too if it checks out ok check for a loose connection check fuel pressure too

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Loose material in the water lines, perhaps. If your water has recently been shut off and the lines drained, the material can be forced to the faucets when the air is evacuated. There are choke points at the shut-off valves and the faucet cartridges or stems, and the aerator; depending on style and b ( Full Answer )

Why wont your car run?

You're out of gas out of transmission fluid dead battery faulty alternator bad starter relay flat tires bad fuel pump no oil broken serpentine belt burned out transmission overheated engine and many other reasons

My RV heater duo therm only ignites when run on 120v When run on 12v fan runs but wont ignite I am wondering if the sail switch isn't closing?

My duo therm runs only on 12 volt power. When the RV is plugged in the converter is charging the battery to power anything on the 12 volt system. However, you need the full 12 volts to the furnace or it will not ignite. The fan needs to reach full speed for the sail switch to work and if you have lo ( Full Answer )

Why wont your lawn mower run?

There are way too many reasons for a mower not to run. Without more information it is impossible to diagnose the problem. . If you still want help try asking again with the make of mower, the engine, details of what you have done and what the symptoms are.

Who was the only player in the NFL to have the number 00?

There were two NFL players that wore 00: 1) Jim Otto, center for the Oakland Raiders between 1960-1974. 2) Ken Burrough, wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints and Houston Oilers between 1970-1981.

1998 Nissan pathfinder will turn over and sputter but wont start?

Most likely a clogged fuel filter. If the vehicle has been out of use for a long time, it may also be due to contaminated fuel. Adding a fuel system cleaner or fuel additive such as heet, in addition to a quantity of good fuel should alleviate the problem if this is the case.

Can you run your sebring without the ac belt?

I believe the AC belt also runs the Alternator in the earlier sebrings, if that is the case, I would highly recommend that you not operate the car without the belt. What year is the car? The car is a '95 coupe...but I have since learned the AC belt only runs the AC...so you can safely remove it ( Full Answer )

Why did my Chrysler Sebring stop running while driving?

bad crankshaft position sensor can affect this. i had the same problem with mine, shutting down when stopping at a red light and not letting the engine rev past 3500 rpm during full throttle acceleration. car would start immediately after shutting down, if u waited for a DTC then it would not start ( Full Answer )

What causes a troy bilt mower to run then sputter then die?

The best way to determine why the engine sputters and dies is to inspect the spark plug after the engine dies. There are two most likely reasons. In the first example, the engine will most likely just sputter and die. In the second, the engine will generally blow black smoke when it sputters. (1) T ( Full Answer )

What causes a 1993 Buick century to run rough and sputter?

I went to my machanic and he removed a coil pack and then replaced it with a new one and the problem whent away FOR A WHILE. Once it started sputtering again I replaced the other two coil packs. The problem whent away again (I THINK) now the problem with sputtering only happens when i am going up a ( Full Answer )

Why wont your PSP run your game?

You may have the game backwards or make sure no wires are missing or just send it to sony to see what is wrong! Make sure your PSP's firmware is fully upgraded.

What would cause your car to spit and sputter only when you accelerate?

I'm sure that there are many correct answers to this question. Sputtering usually happens when there is a lack of fuel or spark when the engine attempts combustion. Many things can cause an engine to sputter, however "sputtering during acceleration only" is often due to a lack of or an incorre ( Full Answer )

Why does your car sputter only when it starts to get hot outside?

sounds like a ignition breaking down from heat, scan codes good change ther is a cylinder misfire code. if plugs are old and have excessive gap this causes coils to work harder to jump a big gap the bigger the gap the coil has to produce more voltage a heat causing overload on coil