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Often a faucet will sputter if there is air in the lines. This happens if the water has been turned off and then on again. If this is the cause, it is only necessary to run the water a while and the air will get out of the lines, and the sputtering will stop.

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Q: How do you stop a faucet from sputtering?
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How do I know when my water heater is going to explode?

When the water from your faucet is sputtering when being turned off, then it is a sign that your water is overheating. Trickling from the valve can also mean over pressure.

What is a synonym for sputtering?

The Synonym for sputtering is stuttering.

Have little water flow in kitchen good everywhere else no aerator on faucet?

If it use to be good? then you have something in the stop under sink or in hot side of faucet. If you just had a new hot water tank installed they will do this a lot of times. If it is not stop then you will have to take faucet apart and hope you can clean it out the same with the stop if you find out it is in stop. Always turn off main water to replace stop if it is faucet then just turn off hot and cold water stops. If you just installed new faucet that will do it too.

Why would just the kitchen faucet sputter when first turned on and no others?

If this faucet has a spray hose, turn on the faucet and open the spray hose.This will adjust the diverter in the kitchen faucet to the spray and pressureize the hose.This will allow the faucet to equilize and the sputter will stop if the spray diverter is working. It could be that the diverter part in the faucet is defective.

How do you stop the faucet from running when you turn your shower on?

You replace the washer in the diverter so it won't let water out the faucet end when closed.

Why is my muffler sputtering?

Usually a sputtering muffler means that a new catalytic converter is needed. The sputtering sound is the car misfiring.

Nissan Pathfinder sputtering?

There are a couple of reasons why a Nissan Pathfinder could be sputtering. The sputtering can be from bad gas or a bad fuel pump.

What is a sentence for sputtering?

The engine began sputtering and then it went dead.

How do you stop a dripping faucet?

You take it apart and change the seals and washers.

Where does water drain to when a frost free faucet is shut off?

A frost free faucet is designed to stop water lines in the faucet from freezing at below freezing temperatures. There is no water in the line, so it has now where to go.

Should a brand new high arch kitchen faucet drain the spout after the tap is turned off?

I just installed an American Standard kitchen faucet and it continues to run for a second or two after turning the handle. I called AS and they said it is because of the high arch and the location of the stop valve lower in the fixture. I think it may have more to do with this being a lower end kitchen faucet. During a bathroom remodel we installed a high arch Pegasus bathroom faucet and, while it is admittedly not at high as the kitchen faucet, it stop immediately and doesn't continue to run/drop at all. When I removed the Pegasus faucet filter at the spout, it behaves just like the kitchen faucet, so there's some sort of stop valve element at the spout of the Pegasus that isn't part of the AS faucet.

What will stop a vibration-machine gun sound in the hot water of a faucet if it only happens after the water gets hot?

Either replace the washer on the hot side in the faucet (or buy a new washerless faucet), replace the "angle-stop" with a "quarter-turn" style, or install a "water hammer arrestor". (There is a real convenient style on the market, it fits between the incoming nut at the angle stop and the thread on the body of the stop itself).

How can you stop water from leaking through the bathtub faucet even when both water valves are off?

Your answer may be as simple as replacing the rubber washers inside of the faucet.

My valley shower and bathtub faucet is leaking?

The system may need a rebuild. depending on the brand, the faucet can have the internal ball and gaskets replaced to stop the leak.

Why does your engine stop sputtering with the air cleaner unit removed?

Your air filter is probably clogged. Try cleaning or replacing it.

How do you stop hot water faucets from pulsating?

replace or tighten the seals in the faucet.

What would cause the kitchen faucet to stop running water?

Someone may have shut off the water to that faucet, or a pipe may have froze, or there may be air in the pipe.

Does Engine Additive stop a 2001 Neon from sputtering and backfiring?

NO, but a good tuneup will probably cure your problems. There is no cure in a can for the symptoms you list.

Why is air coming out of only one faucet?

Have you checked the stop cock to the other faucet? has the other faucet been connected? has the washer jammed the inside of the tap? is the head part fault free?

What is a faucet stop?

They would be the stops under the sink for each of the cold and hot waters

What would cause the kitchen faucet to keep running?

The rubber stop washer has failed.

How do I fix a leaky faucet valve caused by a not tight enough screw?

I need to perform a faucet repair. How do I stop a leak that is caused by the screw not being tight enough on the valve?

How do you get the outside tap to stop dripping after turning off water inside for the winter?

Outside Tap? outside faucet?/outside hosebibb?/outside spigot? well in most cases you are referring to the outside faucet that is dripping and I am guessing you have a ball valve or gate valve inside and when you shut of the ball/gate valve your outside faucet is still dripping and this means you have a leaky ball/gate valve which are known to leak slightly over the years and if your outside faucet is shutoff , then you need new seals in your outside faucet too. The easyest way to stop your leak is replace or repair your outside faucet if its a freezeless one. (just make sure your outside faucet has grade to drain the water out after you shut it off)

How do you get rid of calcium build-up in the copper cold water line if it has caused the cold water bathroom faucet to slow to a trickle?

its not the co.pper line its the faucet stem or angle stop

What causes sputtering on acceleration?

When you are accelerating and your vehicle is sputtering, it is usually a misfire in the engine. Meaning one of your spark plugs or wires is malfunctioning. A simple tune up will fix this problem. Sputtering caused by a misfire is usually accompanied by a jerking of the vehicle when Idle. IF you are at a stop sign and you let go of the brakes, your vehicle will start jerking forward on its own without pressing the gas. try a tune up.