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How do you stop a faucet from sputtering?


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Often a faucet will sputter if there is air in the lines. This happens if the water has been turned off and then on again. If this is the cause, it is only necessary to run the water a while and the air will get out of the lines, and the sputtering will stop.


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If it use to be good? then you have something in the stop under sink or in hot side of faucet. If you just had a new hot water tank installed they will do this a lot of times. If it is not stop then you will have to take faucet apart and hope you can clean it out the same with the stop if you find out it is in stop. Always turn off main water to replace stop if it is faucet then just turn off hot and cold water stops. If you just installed new faucet that will do it too.

The Synonym for sputtering is stuttering.

When the water from your faucet is sputtering when being turned off, then it is a sign that your water is overheating. Trickling from the valve can also mean over pressure.

If this faucet has a spray hose, turn on the faucet and open the spray hose.This will adjust the diverter in the kitchen faucet to the spray and pressureize the hose.This will allow the faucet to equilize and the sputter will stop if the spray diverter is working. It could be that the diverter part in the faucet is defective.

I can hear the neighbour's engine sputtering from here.The passengers panicked when one of the plane engines began sputtering.

You replace the washer in the diverter so it won't let water out the faucet end when closed.

Have you checked the stop cock to the other faucet? has the other faucet been connected? has the washer jammed the inside of the tap? is the head part fault free?

Usually a sputtering muffler means that a new catalytic converter is needed. The sputtering sound is the car misfiring.

You take it apart and change the seals and washers.

There are a couple of reasons why a Nissan Pathfinder could be sputtering. The sputtering can be from bad gas or a bad fuel pump.

A frost free faucet is designed to stop water lines in the faucet from freezing at below freezing temperatures. There is no water in the line, so it has now where to go.

replace or tighten the seals in the faucet.

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