01 Impala - Heater Fan stops blowing on right turns and occasionally will not immediately come on for a minute or two upon starting up although no problem on left turns?

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Lao Tzu would say Only Take Left Turns
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Isuzu Rodeo makes grinding sounds when turning right or left and it seems to be coming from the rear of the vehicle what could be the problem?

I have a 93 rodeo and my truck was doing the same thing until the rear wheel finally froze up on me. it seems the drum shoes in the rear will snap and grind the inside of the rotor. not saying that's it, but that's what happened to mi Rubbing if you know it is comming from the rear.then it is 1 ( Full Answer )

2001 Volvo S40 occasionally stalls when sitting at idle waiting for street light to change Turn key starts right up Why?

I received a recall notice from Volvo for my 2004 S60. There is a defective part in the Fuel Pressure regulator that they have to modify or change out. Answer I had a similar problem with my 2001 S40 a couple of weeks ago. The mileage on mine is 96K. I knew something was wrong because the car wa ( Full Answer )

Why does the turn signal on a 2000 Saturn LS1 fuse blow everytime you turn right and is fine when you turn left?

Answer . \nMy experience is with a 2001 Saturn L200 Yours may be different. Sounds like a short in either the front or rear turn signal socket or wiring. If you have any body damage on the front right side of the car then I would check that area for broken mangled or shorted wires Most likel ( Full Answer )

Why has the radiator fan in a 1996 Plymouth Neon suddenly start running for up to ten minutes after turning off the engine?

\n. \n Answer \nIt is normal for a radiator fan to run for 10 minutes or so after the car is off, especially if it's hot outside. It's just trying to cool things down. If it doesn't stop running, then there is most likely a relay problem somewhere. I'm sorry I can't say exactly which one.\n ( Full Answer )

What is the possible problem if power steering is good when turning left but hard when turning right?

Answer . A common reason for this to happen with front wheel drive vehicles, is the steering rack is going bad. Cold weather will aggravate it even more.This is more of an annoyance than a safety issue. Mark. Another answer . This is most likely caused due to a problem in your spool valve on ( Full Answer )

Fan won't turn on for the heater?

Answer . Blown fuse, defective fan control switch, defective blower motor resistor pack, or defective blower motor.

When making a left turn at a two way stop if an oncoming car is making a right turn who has the right of way?

Answer . 257.650 Right-of-way; turning left at intersection; violation as civil infraction. . Sec. 650.. (1) The driver of a vehicle within an intersection intending to turn to the left shall yield the right of way to a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction which is within the interse ( Full Answer )

When you turn your heater on it blows hot air then it blows cold air If you turn the heater off for a few minutes and back on it does it again hot then cold What could be the problem?

Answer . The heater matrix could be blocked. Best option is to disconnect the two pipes going to the matrix, first finding the flow pipe (put your hand on the pipes to find the hottest one.) Once disconnected, backflush with a garden hose by putting it on the return pipe (the cooler one), and tur ( Full Answer )

2000 Chevy silverado heater and ac fan rusthen air flow drops off turning fan higher you can hear it speed up but no more air flow comes out turn it off and it starts all over again?

there is a little electric motor located under the dash on the heater box it opens a little door in there that directs the air to the defroster, vents, under the dash etc. those are bad about going out. If air flow is reduced when a/c is on- could be an incorrect refrigerant charge - causing the e ( Full Answer )

Why does my heater blow hot air then blows cold air. If I turn off the heater for 2 minutes then back on it blows hot air again.?


Why is it that when I am trying to start my 2002 Hyundai accent it will turn over and immediately stop Then it won't turn over again for two or three tries and then starts fine?

auto choke on those things is nasty... usually on really hot days mine does that because the engine management system is overfueling the engine and causing it to "flood" the reason it doesnt start up straight away is because the EMS receives data from the lambda sensor which then forces the EMS to u ( Full Answer )

When turning left at a four way stop who has the right of way?

the highway traffic act states, when at a four way stop controlled intersection, the vehicle that arrives first should proceed first. If two or more vehicles arrive at the same time, the vehicle to the right of the others should proceed first.. Depending on where you live, it may also state that " ( Full Answer )

Radiator fan comes on right away when you turn the car on?

Possible Answer . It may be that the engine coolant temprature sensor has gone faulty.. It may well be sending the wrong signal to the ECM. causing the ECM to think the engine is hot when in fact the engine is cold.

Why does the right turn signal at the trailer plugin come on when i operate the left turn signal?

1 reason is always bad GROUND. Now you really weren't all that specific about which plug. Trailer plug on the vehicle or actually on the trailer? If it's the plug on the vehicle, I would strongly suspect bad ground or installation was backwards. If on the trailer, merely backwards installation. In a ( Full Answer )

My Fan comes on for heater but blows cold air in 2004 impala?

First, BE SURE YOUR VEHICLE'S COOLING SYSTEM IS FULL! your vehicle requires a radiator FULL of 'Dex Cool' coolant. If not, FILL IT! If it keeps 'disappearing' after a few days or a few weeks, your engines gaskets are probably worn beyond ignoring. (I killed my Malibu by ignoring the issue / ver ( Full Answer )

1999 Mazda 626 And sometimes it stalls after you come to a complete stop but if you turn it off and start it it turns back on no problem Why would it do that?

Answer . The chances are that your "tick over" or rate at which your car naturally revs when in ignition, is too low for it to sustain internal combustion, causing your car to stall.. Otherwise, it may be worth consulting your local mechanic to discuss problems with your ECU or engine management ( Full Answer )

The right rear turn signal stopped flashing and a day or two later so did the left and when the turn signal is used it clicks faster than it used it started at the same time any ideas on fixing it?

Your light bulbs are burning out , so they need to be replaced.. That, or there is a short in the wiring to the rear signal lights. That may explain why the flasher unit sped up. Some flasher units use electrical heat to enable it to flash, a short somewhere could cause the flasher unit to get hott ( Full Answer )