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How do you change a foglight on an Oldsmobile Alero?

When mine went out the dealer replaced it...evidently it was included in the warranty...you can also call a GM dealer and talk to the part or garage and they can tell you how to do it..it should also be in the owners manual. To replace the foglight, remove the headlight by pulling on two tabs strai ( Full Answer )

How do you change a battery on an Oldsmobile Alero?

battery for Oldsmobile alero?dude ...The battery is located under the hood. just take out one bolt that hold the battery and take the two terminal cable out which is positive and negative.make sure loosen up the negative first just for safe?????????????////// I think the battery is hidden inside yo ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the spark plugs on an Oldsmobile Alero?

on a 2002 olds alero 2.2 4 cylinder ecotec the spark plugs are located on top of the intake, under the cover that gives the engine size,it is possible that yours may also be located under this cover. All you have to do is remove the four bolts on top of the cover and your plugs will be under there.

How do you change the wheel bearings in a Oldsmobile Alero?

Answer . I have changed two of them. Remove the caliper, brake disc and then the large nut at the wheel and then you will have to use a small sledge to pound the the thing that the nut is threaded onto back and then loosen the bolts to the hub

How do you drain the oil in a 2003 Oldsmobile alero?

Answer . Alright- first of all, this only applies to the 2.2 litre EcoTec engine. I would imagine that the V6 isn't all that different, but I personally own an 03 Alero with a 2.2, so here we go.... NOTE: If you plan on dumping your oil onto the ground, please for the love of Pete go to Jiffy Lu ( Full Answer )

Where would you get a key to a 99 Oldsmobile alero?

Go to an Oldsmobile dealer with your proof of ownership or title and they can make you one using the vehicle ID numbers. I think it's under $25.00 cost. I just went to a Buick-Chevy-GMC dealer with my registration with VIN and had one made for $9. Cost seemed a bit steep, but multiple hardware s ( Full Answer )

Where is the thermostat located on a Oldsmobile Alero?

Short Version: below the throttle body, on the motor, along the coolant path from the engine to the radiator. Long version: I have a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero (V-6). On my car, the top radiator hose is on the left (facing the car with the hood up, naturally) and goes back toward the motor. (For those w ( Full Answer )

How do you change a cadillatic converter on a Oldsmobile alero?

Answer . \nyou will have to buy a new one and cut off old one and have some one weld it back on if there is no bolt that hold it on most have to be cut and welded back on you might have to got to a muffler shop to have it instaled

How do you change a fuel pump on an Oldsmobile Alero?

You have to remove the gas tank....after that's done, remove the send unit from the top of the tank ans pull it straight out. The pump is on the bottom of that.Try to empty your tank first. It is a lot easier and safer.

How much freon does an Oldsmobile alero takes?

If you are referring to the AC system, then it is R-34,which you can pick up at most parts stores. One can will do but you will need one with a valve. Also, when you go to put it into the line, make sure it is the low pressure line so it ingests the refrigerant.

Where are fuel injectors for Oldsmobile Alero?

Answer . dependsd upon what type of engine but they are usually very visible they are at the top of engine with small elect wire attached to each one not big wires like the sparkplugs

Why does my 1999 Oldsmobile Alero over heat?

As with any car, low coolant will cause this car to overheat. Common areas of coolant lose are the water pump or intake manifold gaskets. If the coolant is full, then another common problem is blown headgaskets- especially the rear head. A blown headgasket introduced compression into the cooling sys ( Full Answer )

Can a 2000 Oldsmobile alero use e85?

The answer is no. No car can run properly on E-85 unless it was buitl to do so. Running a cas on E-85 that was not buitl to do so will cause all kinds of problems from check engine light, poor acceleration, poor idle, bad ecomomy, and possible fuel system component damage.- TechJK.

What kind of oil does Oldsmobile Aleros use?

The recommended oil for an Oldsmobile Alero is SAE 5W-30 oil. Ifyou live in a state that does not get freezing temperatures, 10W-30is acceptable.

What is the esl in a Oldsmobile alero?

ESL is not a term i am familiar with, and i have worked for Oldsmobile since 1991 until they went out of business in the early 2000's.- techJK.

How much does an Oldsmobile alero weigh?

The final year for production for the Oldsmobile Alero was 2004.The exact weight of the General Motors vehicle depends on year andoption groups. The 2004 Alero had a curb weight of 2996-pounds.

Is a Oldsmobile alero a good car?

In my opinion, the engine is awesome but the electronics in the car suck. The speakers always go out and half the time the dash lights are on. All the window regulators have gone out on mine. But after you replace all that stock crap, the car is amazing. In my opinion, the car is unbelievable. I hav ( Full Answer )

Where is the plug for the radiator on a 2004 Oldsmobile alero?

There is no plug. GM in their infinite wisdom decided we don't need to change our coolant in the rad. Therefore to do this you must remove the lower rad hose to drain the coolant. Nice move GM. And you wonder why no one wants your cars anymore. All for the cost of a simple drain spigot.

What is the tire pressure for an 2001 Oldsmobile Alero?

It doesn't matter what car you drive; the tire pressure specifications are in the realm of the tire manufacturers...take a close look at the sidewalls of the tires on your car...in the moulded in 'fine print' you will find the PSI recommended by the mfg. Using this as your guide; you will optimize t ( Full Answer )

Overheating Oldsmobile alero?

Many things can cause the car to overheat.. 1. Low coolant caused by leaking hoses, water pump, intake manifold on v6 engine.. 2. Bad headgasket on v6 engine causing coolant to overflow out of the reservoir jug.. 3. Stuck thermostat. - TechJK. ETC..

Why is my 2003 Oldsmobile alero overheating?

This can be caused by a number of things. . A shortage of coolant . faulty thermostat . faulty radiator cap . a blocked radiator . faulty water pump . faulty fan . leaky hoses . cracked head or block.

Where Oldsmobile alero antenna?

Integrated into the rear windowof the car. You have both the rear defrost lines and the antennae all in one!

Why 2001 Oldsmobile alero has no heat?

Check the knob on the dash that spins from cold to hot. Pull it off, and reposition it so that it will turn farther to the right...i am unsure why this is, but it seems to have 2 positions, one that will allow cool air on the left and cold air on the right. If you roate it 180 degrees and put it bac ( Full Answer )

Where is the O2 sensor on an Oldsmobile alero?

That would depend on the size of the engine as well as if you are looking to replace the upstream sensor or downstream. Upstream simply means its in the exhaust system BEFORE the catalytic converter while downstream means that it is located after the converter. You need to have someone pull the DTC' ( Full Answer )

How many miles can an Oldsmobile alero get?

I have a 2003 and thus far it has 140,000 miles on it and still runs great. I have an '02 with 120,000 miles with no problems beyond some cheap GM interior parts. commuter car everyday, still runs great. I have an 02 Alero Sedan that has over 240,000 miles on it. Still runs great. Routine repairs o ( Full Answer )

Why does your Oldsmobile alero not start sometimes?

The most common "no start" problem for this car is very common in all GM vehicles of this era, and has to do w/ the "passlock" ignition lock.Usually, if this is the problem, the car will crank & crank, but won't catch, and your security light will be on. One way to diagnose this problem is, when it ( Full Answer )

Where are gaskets in an 99 Oldsmobile alero?

There are many gaskets on any car engine. If you are asking about head gaskets, they are between the cylinder head(s) and the engine block. The cylinder head is under the valve cover. --------------

How do you replace Oldsmobile alero heater core?

It would be best if you get the repair manual for this vehicle since there are 54 steps that would take to long to type and your local library should have it plus this jobs book time pays 7.5 hours to replace the heater core...

Where is the cabin filter on a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero?

The cabin filter is located under the black plastic covering the wiper mechanics on the passenger side. The wiper arm has to be removed and the plastic plate going across has to be raised slightly to reach the filter. The cabin air filter is located under the windshield wiper cover on the passenger ( Full Answer )

Where was the car Oldsmobile Alero manufactured?

The Oldsmobile Alero was produced between 1999 and 2004. The compact car was manufactured in Lansing, Michigan, and was Oldsmobile's last vehicle sold under the brand.

When was the Oldsmobile Alero first produced?

Oldsmobile Alero was a very popular compact vehicle produced by the Oldsmobile branch of General Motors. This vehicle was very first produced in April of 1998.