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What are the economic principles involved in supply and demand?

Any potential producer of a product or a service needs first to determine the need for such goods. This is usually done through companies that do research by contacting either the public through surveys, or to specific companies that might require those services. They also inform you as to what othe ( Full Answer )

What are the principles of physics involved in running?

Running/walking can be explained through newton's third law-for every action force, there is a reaction force that is equal but opposite in magnitude. The action force when you're running is stepping on the ground. The reaction force pushes your feet and goes foward.

What physics principle involved in DNA fingerprinting?

The most obvious application of physics in DNA fingerprinting involves the separation of fragments of DNA based on their mass and charge. This is done in a "gel electrophoresis" apparatus that pulls the fragments through a gel using an electric field. The physics therefore is that of the electric f ( Full Answer )

What is the principle involved in the isolation of casein from milk?

It is about isoelectric precipitation. This involves the principle on isoelectric pH of a certain solution. Casein has its isoelectric pH at 4.6. Therefore, it is insoluble in solutions with pH lower than 4.6. The pH of milk is around 6.6 which gives casein the negative charge and makes it a soluble ( Full Answer )

What is a proof of principle experiment?

Answer . A proof of principle experiment is one designed to see if the idea is workable. Usually little if any data is collected.. Example: " I wonder what happens if I push this button?". Better example: " Can energy be generated by wind?" To do a proof of principle experiment, it would only ( Full Answer )

What is principle involved in melting point?

The melting point of a solid is the temperature range at which it changesstate from solid to liquid. At the melting point the solid and liquid phase exist in equilibrium. During the melting process, all of the energy added to a substance is consumed as heat of fusion. A solid holds together because ( Full Answer )

The principle involved in the operation of autoclave?

steriling the acessories by introducing saturated steam with required pressure high temperature under the influence if high pressure that is 121 degree celsius temp and 15 ATM pressure.

What is the principle involved in limit test of chloride?

The\nli mit t est for chloride is mainly used to control chloride impurity in the\npharmaceutical material, depends upon the precipitation of chloride with silver\nnitrate in presence of nitric acid and comparison of precipitation produced in\nthe sample with that of standard solution containi ( Full Answer )

What is a sonometer used for?

A sonometer is an apparatus for investigating the vibration of a string or wire under tension. The equipment allows the length of the string and its tension to be varied. See Wikipedia entry 'sonometer' for more details

Uses of sonometer?

It is commonly used in Melde's experiment. A sonometer demonstrates the relationship between the frequency of the sound produced by a plucked string, and the tension, length and mass per unit length of the string. These relationships are usually called Mersenne's law after Marin Mersenne (1588-1648) ( Full Answer )

What is the Principle involved in Sublimation?

The principle of change is involved in both the chemical and psychological processes of sublimation. It could be said in both cases to be instinctive within a set of given parameters in which a higher state is considered more acceptable than a lower, as when ice vapourises without passing through a ( Full Answer )

What two groups are involved in an experiment?

To draw valid conclusions from an experiment, there must be two kinds of conditions observed: 1. An experimental condition (the particular manipulation of a variable being studied), and 2. A control condition (the situation that unfolds without manipulating the variable being studied). Only comparin ( Full Answer )

What principles will be involved with a egg drop?

Your goal here will be to dissipate the kinetic energy of the falling egg in some way rather than breaking the egg. Energy is going to be conserved, one way or another. Any of this energy that can be used to do work on something else is work that will not be available to break the egg. This means th ( Full Answer )

Explain the principle involve in the collision of car?

Newton's Law. First law : Whenviewed in an intertial reference frane, an object either is at restor moves at a constant velocity , unless acted upon by an externalfroce . Second law : Theacceleration of a body is directly proportional to, and in the samedirection as, the net force acting o ( Full Answer )

What experiment of Galileo's involved cannonballs?

Galileo's experiment to show that mass had little effect on the speed of falling objects involved two cannonballs of different sizes being dropped from a certain height. This showed that, in a vacuum at least, falling objects fall at the same speed no matter their mass.

Principle involved in distance and time?

Distance and time mostly go together. And speed also goes along with these two.. Below are some equations related to distance and time:. Time = Distance / Speed. Distance = Time * Speed. Speed = Distance / Time. From this we can see that if any one of these three measurements are changed, one o ( Full Answer )

Why does sonometer box contain holes?

A sonometer helps study vibrations of strings. The holes are addedto allow sound to travel inside the box, which is important in thevibration study.

What are the characteristics of sonometer?

A sonometer is a device that is used to measure the variousfrequencies of sound that can be made when a string is plucked.Essentially, it consists of a box that has a string run through themiddle, with weights and bridges fastened to each end.

What is the principle involved in pressure cooker?

At higher pressures, water boils at a higher temperature. A pressure cooker lets you cook at a higher pressure than regular saucepans so you can have a higher boiling temperature

Principle involved in the isolation of casein?

The principles involved in the isolation of casein are isoelectricprecipitation, acid hydrolysis, alkaline hydrolysis, andneutralization. Casein are proteins found in mammalian milk.

What are the principle stages involving phytomining?

the growing of the plant, for example: Alpine Pennycrest, from these plants ores such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and copper through FAAS after the incineration of the leaves of the plant at 480 degrees Celsius

What are the methods and principles involved in the purification of colloids?

The methods and principals used in the purification of colloidsare: Dialysis - This process is based on the fact thatmembranes contain very small pores through which only dissolvedmolecules and ions of the true solution can pass readily. . Electro-dialysis - Usedwhen the substance being remove ( Full Answer )

Why sonometer box contains holes?

The holes in a sonometer will make sure the inside airin communication with outer air therefore we can hear thesound.

What is the principle involved in boiling point?

Boiling point of any substance is the temperature at which it changes state from a liquid to a gas. For water at sea level the boiling temperature is 100 degrees Celsius

What are some experiment that involve electricity?

Try using electrolysis to separate the oxygen from the hydrogen in water. How about making electricity with a lemon and two nails, or you could make an electro magnet by winding a coil around a nail and connecting it to a battery.

What is physical principles involved in the balance construction?

In order to measure the mass of a body, it is necessary to find a standard mass or a combination of standard masses whose weight exceeds that of a body at the same place on earth. The device employed for this purpose is called a balance.

What is the principle involved in borntrager's test?

Borntrager's test is a chemical test for the identification of anthraquinone glycosides. Here anthraquinone glycosides are four type which O, N, S, C, and borntrager's test is use for O glycosides and modify borntrager's test use for C glycosides In this test boil test sample with 1ml of sulphuric a ( Full Answer )

What is the principle involved in the creaming method?

If you are talking about creaming butter and sugar in baking, there are a couple of goals to this. First, you are supposed to be incorporating the two together. Second, you are incorporating air into the batter through the creaming process. The more you cream the two products together, the potential ( Full Answer )

What is principle involved in tds meter?

Any fluid contains some solid in it which is dissolved in the fluid. the flow of current in the fluid is due to that dissolved solids. here the relation between electrical conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS). so Tds meter works on the principle of electrical conductivity by measuring the e ( Full Answer )

What is the most interesting experiment involving snails?

Testing what snails eat is always interesting! Put a snail in the middle of a plate surrounded by food options (to make it a fair test have it equal distance to all options). Then observe what it eats and even how it eats. . I've seen them eat: lettuce, tomatoes, apple, kalamata olives, string ( Full Answer )

What are the scientific principle involved with floating?

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Parachutes are used as emergency lifesaving devices, to transport and deploy supplies, equipment and people and to assist in slowing down an object for landing. Food and medical supplies are dropped by parachute to disaster struck areas. Parachutes are used to drop very heav ( Full Answer )

How is physics principle involved in swimming?

Archimede's principle. The weight becomes less as there comes the buoyant force pushing up Second Newton's third law. For every action there is equal and opposite reaction Conservation of energy. Using biological energy work is one in pushing water backward and there by water pushes the man forward

What should a good science experiment involve?

A good science experiment involves a good subject of investigation, that is worth looking into, and a logical design that will produce meaningful results.

What are the principles involved in air conditioner?

Refrigeration is moving heat from one space to a less objectionable space. Many aspects of what "Heat" is exist. The principles involved require much study, one should read on the subject to learn about it.

What is involved in Rally Driving Experience Days?

During the time of the Rally Driving Experience Days there are covered events such as driving courses, photoshoots, sometimes even celebrity visits or special "surprise" events.